More on Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay

Last Friday I happened upon a discussion of the Employee Choice Act (ECA) on CSPAN.  The executive director of American Rights at Work, Mary Beth Maxwell, was on American Journal explaining the ECA and taking/answering questions.  The AFL/CIO blog has this up at their blog on Ms Maxwell’s appearance.

The legislation, also known as the card-check bill, would give labor leaders the right to organize workers through open petitions rather than secret ballots, and would, union leaders say, prevent employers from exerting undue and potentially intimidating influence over the process.

Video at CSPAN.

Then today while Hilda Solis was in front of the okaying committee regarding her nomination as Labor Secretary, the House was voting on two bills: 1) the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (H.R. 11); and, 2) the Paycheck Fairness Act (H.R. 12) today.

Christy at firedoglake has video up of an extraordinarily passionate speech on the House floor by Rep. Rosa DeLauro,who introduced this bill 10 YEARS AGO!  10 YEARS!  The video is below.  Last year in April, I wrote a bit about the Ledbetter act and Justice Ginsberg’s blistering denouncement of the Supreme Court’s decision to waylay the Ledbetter decision.  Christy wrote splendidly that here and on Justice Ginsberg’s accomplishments for women.

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