So? What is the Palestian, Jewish ‘Thing’ About, Anyway?

Admittedly I know little of the background of the current crises in Gaza. I find a lot of it wearisome because much of it seems to me be testosterone-driven posturing on both sides.

Up front, I am not a fan of the Israeli government.   I find the fact that our government spends far too much taxpayer money on subsidizing Israeli interests (as with subsidizing any foreign country) wherein the claim is that “Israel’s interests” are our interests.  There’s no problem in Israel’s “right to exist” just as there’s no problem with those whose borders connect with Israel’s having that same ‘right to exist.’  Outside of the role ‘the Holy Land’ plays in the apocalyptic wet dreams of preachers like Hagee, Dobson, and other end-of-times doomsayers, for me, there is not an overt issue of religion, ethnicity or citizenship.

There is no succinct primer for those of us who pay more attention to what goes on locally or nationally or sometimes are just overwhelmed by all the shit going on in the world. Continue reading


Another Cold

It’s hard to stay focused on anything when your head is swimming and even trusty Sudafed (or it’s generic equivalent) isn’t working.  This is the second time within as many months I’ve caught a cold, and I was basically out of commission over the weekend.   Overall, I think it’s stress.

And, I think I almost tasted the salsa I had atop my scrambled eggs.