Economic Troubles Across My Country

I’ve mentioned the Purple States TV ‘series’ in which I participated, hm – last month, last year.   For the most part those who have contributed have reinforced what I’ve read in both the MSM and other online publications, local newspapers, magazines, as well as with bloggers and others.  I don’t doubt that some people are fine.  I mean – if nothing unexpected happens like a major car breakdown or the acquisition of a major disease process, I’m doing fine enough.

There was one vignette from Purple States where I became so disgusted I had to watch it in two sessions.  Not only were they doing great, but every one around them was doing great.  There didn’t seem to be an economic downturn in any way, shape or form in the entire state.  Granted not everyone in the project is of my political persuasion; however that has not stopped me from watching videos or interacting on the community board, although the question about “battling socialism” (losing out on the American dream) in our country was, I thought, just downright stupid.  One of the toughest to watch was this one by Ellen from Rhode Island who had just lost her job.

I don’t mind if other people are indeed doing fine.  I’m just not a fan of blithe  dismissiveness or a real lack of awareness .  My nephew’s father-in-law is a well-to-do dentist here in town.  He’s laid off 20+ employees and tightened up schedules.   Yesterday I was traveling north down Curtis Road, just past the Franklin Road intersection on the west side of the street used to be Stock Building Supply.

Just as with others, Mudflats reports on one village in Alaska grappling with cost of heating vs eating, and the inaction of a certain governor.  Right here in the Treasure Valley funds for Project Share (some funds via Intermountain Gas & Idaho Power) had been spent, exhausted earlier than expected.

One of the bloggers from Purple States TV had this quote by Harry Truman posted on his blog.

It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it’s a depression when you lose yours.
-Harry S. Truman

I just hope we don’t stop helping each other out.  Ya just never know when you might need it.

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