A Picture of Those Who Came Before

The Nation has an interesting cover for this week in celebration of the new president. I understand the choice of most of those depicted from Emmett Till, the four young girls murdered in Alabama:Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson, Denise McNair, & Addie Mae Collins; Sojourner Truth, but ya know – Henry David Thoreau just absolutely escapes me.  Someone help me.



Obama Overload . . .

Just had to know it would come to this.  I mean, I’m tired for the Obamas.  I got up at 7:00 am or so (after working 2nd shift) had to force myself to turn off the TV and take a nap.  Were they so lucky? Nope.

Hours after delivering his inaugural address, Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have left the White House for a night of partying at inaugural balls.

More power to them; I’ll read – whatever – tomorrow.

It’s rare that I’m off in the middle of the week or in the late afternoon, evening to night. I thought I could watch some TV – movies or something entertaining now that world’s safe again.  Obama et. al is everywhere!  From PBS (Frontline) to the news channels to local broadcast channels.  Thankfully, there’s TMC, AMC and TruTV!  ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ is on right now, but I already know who’s coming.  ‘Bringing Up, Baby‘ [1938] is a bit later, followed by ‘The Little Minister‘ [1934] – both are Katherine Hepburn flicks.  There’s also the western, ‘Broken Trail‘ with Robert Duvall; I like westerns AND Robert Duvall.

On Comedy Central tonight – the incorrigible Jon Stewart will have Bishop Eugene Robinson as guest Continue reading

If You’re a Starbucks Fan

then, you’ll like this latest promotion – unless you’re just lazy and un-American to boot.



That’s exactly what I screamed just now at the cats – whose ears promptly flew back.

That fucking smirk was OFF ole’ Georgie’s face.


And what’s up with Mr. Obama – he pulled something I’d do . . . . forget what someone just told me to ‘repeat after me!’  How that’s for humanity?

Think Progress has the video.  It was Justice Stevens who screwed up. No they both did…. I happened to catch it again and I think Slate takes the right tack.

Roberts said “execute the office of President of the United States faithfully,” rather than “faithfully executive.” The oath reads: “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Now we’ll see if the hype was worth the wait regardless how dang cute those girls are.

simple-barNow – if, when he’s finished speaking, he just turns around and arrests George W. Bush and the Dick for war crimes.  That would be legal, wouldn’t it?  😎

Inaugural Tidbits – Next-to-Final Ride of the Bushes

Washington Mall closed down – the crowd has reached the mall capacity.

Bit of tradition:

The Obamas began their day of public events by leaving Blair House for a service at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square, so-called “Church of Presidents” where commanders-in-chief dating back to James Madison have knelt and bowed their heads before taking the oath of office. Obama was joined at the church by President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

Connie on C-SPAN just explained the significance of the flags. C-SPAN has an ‘Inauguration Hub’ with different feeds from the capital you can watch.

Poor Jill Biden, she has to ride with that Cheney woman to the swearing in.  Here’s Laura and Michelle.  Here comes the Dick in the wheelchair down the portable ramps into an ambulance ? ….. no, wait – a limo…. damnit.  I thought it might be from the coroner’s office.  Oh yeah, Joe was with the Dick.

The guards are still holding their salute – they’ve been saluting since Michelle and that Cheney woman came out.  Barack & George…. not much longer, America, and we’re rid of these fuckers.

It’s Here …. Saying the Final Fuck Off to George Bush

By when – I’m thinking 10:30 am MST, that fucking Bush will be OUT!  It’s like cleaning out the garage and it’s the last thing to do before everything is declared clean.

I got the day off and I intend to watch a lot of C-SPAN, alternating between CNN & MSNBC to make sure that fucker leaves.

The Obamas have just reached …. noh!  It’s the Bidens.  Okay, the Obamas (the fingers are posed)…. Yep! It’s them.  Ohhh..the Bushes are greeting them.  Michelle gave Laura a gift.  All rigth – switching to MSNBC….ah, shit – Joe Scarborough….off to CNN.  Hmm – Anderson Cooper and gang – sans Wolf (yayyyy!).  Oh fuck – there’s Wolf now.  Can anyone drone better than this guy?  Oh – he said it!  “The best political team on ….”  All right, I’m done.

Back to MSNBC – oh, nice surprise – Olbermann & Matthews. Gene Robinson is talking now and of course, Chris Matthews has already mentioned the sea of balck faces.  Oh My Gawd – Rachel!  All right, I’m here.

Yah enjoy the day.


Ohh – and Rachel, I haven’t forgiven George Bush or his administration



and won’t for a good long time – count on it.