Inaugural Tidbits – Next-to-Final Ride of the Bushes

Washington Mall closed down – the crowd has reached the mall capacity.

Bit of tradition:

The Obamas began their day of public events by leaving Blair House for a service at St. John’s Church, Lafayette Square, so-called “Church of Presidents” where commanders-in-chief dating back to James Madison have knelt and bowed their heads before taking the oath of office. Obama was joined at the church by President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

Connie on C-SPAN just explained the significance of the flags. C-SPAN has an ‘Inauguration Hub’ with different feeds from the capital you can watch.

Poor Jill Biden, she has to ride with that Cheney woman to the swearing in.  Here’s Laura and Michelle.  Here comes the Dick in the wheelchair down the portable ramps into an ambulance ? ….. no, wait – a limo…. damnit.  I thought it might be from the coroner’s office.  Oh yeah, Joe was with the Dick.

The guards are still holding their salute – they’ve been saluting since Michelle and that Cheney woman came out.  Barack & George…. not much longer, America, and we’re rid of these fuckers.

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