It’s Here …. Saying the Final Fuck Off to George Bush

By when – I’m thinking 10:30 am MST, that fucking Bush will be OUT!  It’s like cleaning out the garage and it’s the last thing to do before everything is declared clean.

I got the day off and I intend to watch a lot of C-SPAN, alternating between CNN & MSNBC to make sure that fucker leaves.

The Obamas have just reached …. noh!  It’s the Bidens.  Okay, the Obamas (the fingers are posed)…. Yep! It’s them.  Ohhh..the Bushes are greeting them.  Michelle gave Laura a gift.  All rigth – switching to MSNBC….ah, shit – Joe Scarborough….off to CNN.  Hmm – Anderson Cooper and gang – sans Wolf (yayyyy!).  Oh fuck – there’s Wolf now.  Can anyone drone better than this guy?  Oh – he said it!  “The best political team on ….”  All right, I’m done.

Back to MSNBC – oh, nice surprise – Olbermann & Matthews. Gene Robinson is talking now and of course, Chris Matthews has already mentioned the sea of balck faces.  Oh My Gawd – Rachel!  All right, I’m here.

Yah enjoy the day.


Ohh – and Rachel, I haven’t forgiven George Bush or his administration



and won’t for a good long time – count on it.

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