Obama Overload . . .

Just had to know it would come to this.  I mean, I’m tired for the Obamas.  I got up at 7:00 am or so (after working 2nd shift) had to force myself to turn off the TV and take a nap.  Were they so lucky? Nope.

Hours after delivering his inaugural address, Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama have left the White House for a night of partying at inaugural balls.

More power to them; I’ll read – whatever – tomorrow.

It’s rare that I’m off in the middle of the week or in the late afternoon, evening to night. I thought I could watch some TV – movies or something entertaining now that world’s safe again.  Obama et. al is everywhere!  From PBS (Frontline) to the news channels to local broadcast channels.  Thankfully, there’s TMC, AMC and TruTV!  ‘Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner’ is on right now, but I already know who’s coming.  ‘Bringing Up, Baby‘ [1938] is a bit later, followed by ‘The Little Minister‘ [1934] – both are Katherine Hepburn flicks.  There’s also the western, ‘Broken Trail‘ with Robert Duvall; I like westerns AND Robert Duvall.

On Comedy Central tonight – the incorrigible Jon Stewart will have Bishop Eugene Robinson as guest (or as on Comedy Central’s site – “the Rt. Rev.”) and will discuss the inauguration today.  Maybe by midnight I’ll have the overload tapped down a bit.


I saw this group of kids from a school in North Carolina awhile back and saw a semi-performance of what they had created.  Today CNN had them sing the entire song and I was very much impressed with the lyrics. Some are below.  The song begins with:

(Solo – spoken)

This is a letter to Barack Obama…it’s our way of saying thank you.


Thank you for showing me that no doors are closed.

I have the power to control my own future.


Thank you for showing me that I can stand tall and be proud of who I am.

(Solo – spoken)

You have given us strength, courage, and hope

And for that we all say Thank You!

Dear Obama, Hear us sing

We’re ready for the change that you will bring.

Going to shine the light for the world to see, to spread peace hope and democracy

The time is now bring our troops home. Iraq can stand strong on its own.

And fight for healthcare for the young so that coverage is available for everyone.

And it’s time to find renewable ways to fuel our needs, so we don’t depend on Chavez and the Middle East. We’ve got to stand up tall for the middle class and regulate the businesses that in the past got away with no oversight.

Doing things that we’re not right

Giving loans and bad advice, expecting us to pay the price.

The change we need should begin today and Barack we stand behind you as you lead the way.

The remainder of the lyrics are here.  The video of their song (begins about 3:40) is below, included is the story of how they were able to get to D.C. to join in and be part of the inaugural parade.


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  1. The Obama Presidency may have come soon enough to blunt the worst of the Republican Depression; one must remember that Hoover got the stock market crash early in his Presidency and was unable to blunt the worst parts of it.

    We’ll see.

  2. JR – I was impressed with the lyrics because these are kids who, if I remember correctly, are in the 6th grade. I was impressed at the level of “awareness.”

    I’m not necessarily all that impressed with Obama or EXPECT him to perform miracles or anything close. I’m hoping that with the change in focus and tenor, this country will realize that a lot of shit IS really up to them.

  3. I’ve stayed away from all the Obama coverage. Read the inaugural address last night — a little ‘sermony’ but mercifully short.

    Now we’ll really see what Obama is made of.

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