Susanna & The Old Farts

While stationed in Germany, I was very fortunate to have many opportunities to travel – and travel I did.  One of my favorite places was The Royal Art Museum in Antwerp which has large collections or rooms dedicated to various artists, specifically Rubens and other Flemish or Belgian artists.   For instance off the room of Rubens’ work is an antechamber with several work of Rembrandt, which was where I was really struck  at the darkness of his art. (The Royal Art Museums are in Antwerp, Ghent, and Brussels, as well as numerous other museums.)

And, of course, much of the classical/traditional art depicted is biblically-based, as is most art coming out of those ages between, well – the beginnings of ‘the church and it’s overwhelming, all engulfing influence for centuries.

Suffice it to say, I like classical or ‘traditional’ art especially depictions of women in art given the intense influence of religion.

“While Susanna is bathing, two old judges spy on her. They approach her with indecent proposals and when she declines accuse her of adultery….Only the intervention by Daniel stopped her from being stoned to death.”

Rembrandt painted it; Rubens painted it; Van Dyck painted it, as did Il Tinoretto, and a number of others, but the story is the same.


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