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Minnick Votes Against Economic Stimulus Bill

I’d like to know why, Walt.  (edit: Walt is a Democrat, albeit apparently a Blue Dog Democrat.  He won the slot from Bill Sali, ReThug numb nutz, as some are wont to say.)

Per the Clerk of the House

UPDATE: There’s video at KTVB of Walt Minnick and Mike Simpson explaining their reasoning for voting against the Stimulus package.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  The Idaho Statesman has a bit more, along with ‘highlights’ of the bill.  There’s a widget with both Simpson and Minnick talking to someone at Radio 670 AM.

Here at Thomas (Library of Congress) is the reading of the bill if so interested.

7 Responses

  1. All they whine about is tax relief. Is that not a big part of what got us into this mess in the first place? And, secondly, just because you give someone a tax break, it does not necessarily mean they are going to go out and spend the money.

    Is it just me?

    Why don’t they start asking ‘Where the fuck did our money go’? King Henry Paulson gave the banks all that cake and just where the fuck is it? huh, huh, huh.

  2. CC –

    I made an additional comment using your vernacular. Minnick is a Democrat.

    I’m so SICK of seeing the ReThugs ALL over the TV, especially cable, blaming and bitchin’ about the Democrats and the deficit and how this is going to be on our children’s back. Now – WHO got us here, again?

    huh, huh, huh, is right – did you do the body language?

  3. I’m just sick to death of these people and their ‘who ha’ bullshit.

    First they blow smoke up our asses and tell us that ‘it is small business we will kill with taxes’…To that I have to call, Bull Shit.

    I’ve been a small business for decades and almost all small businesses are Sub-Chapter S, which means the corporation pays none, zero, nada, nothing for corporation tax or income tax. If there is any profit at the end of the year, the bottom line profit flows to the owners top line as ‘ordinary income’.

    Don’t piss on my back and try to tell me it is raining. You must have me confused with numb nutz…

    Ummmmm do I sound pissed? 🙂

  4. Sorry for the rant, but I guess that I’m just an excitable boy.

  5. What’s with you….Jim Morrison quotes and now, Warron Zevon! 😀

  6. “explaining their reasoning” probably says far more than you might think…have minnick and simpson become one congressman? geesh!

  7. Well, no – Tara – then we’d only have ONE congressional district! I wondered about Minnick when he voted against the companion bill to the Lilly Ledbetter Bill. The bill on pay equity. I was livid over that. This! This has infuriated me. I’m going to look over the bill tonight or rather, early tomorrow morning after work tonight.

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