The Prez & Lilly Ledbetter

Both are on the cable news channels celebrating and speaking to signing the lilly-the-prezLilly Ledbetter bill.  I’m watching on CNN; MSNBC wouldn’t shut up.  I thought Ledbetter might speak, but she told the president, ‘no.’  There’s the reception now on C-SPAN from the East Room.  There’s Barbara Lee!  And, there’s Michelle.  Now the Prez is directing ‘traffic’ – I think they’re on to somewhere else.  The Washington Post has the entirety of the President’s remarks up.

Ledbetter was at his side when he used about 7 pens to sign the bill, one of which to Ms Ledbetter.  The president called out to his grandmother when talking about signing the bill.

‘I sign this bill for my daughters….so there is no limitation on their dreams.’

That is what Lilly Ledbetter challenged us to do. And today, I sign this bill not just in her honor, but in honor of those who came before her. Women like my grandmother who worked in a bank all her life, and even after she hit that glass ceiling, kept getting up and giving her best every day, without complaint, because she wanted something better for me and my sister.

And I sign this bill for my daughters, and all those who will come after us, because I want them to grow up in a nation that values their contributions, where there are no limits to their dreams and they have opportunities their mothers and grandmothers never could have imagined.

Ms Ledbetter talked to ‘The American Prospect‘ last year following the 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court that ” gutted the equal-pay provisions of the Civil Rights Act and overturned a decades-old employment-law precedent” in 2007, described by The American Prospect and others as an “appalling decision[s] the Roberts Court issued last year, one of the worst.”

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