Did You Hear The One About 2 Million Blacks?

(Update below)

Chris at ‘the unequivocal notion‘ has yet another email from an idiotic ReThuglican (this time in Florida)  apparently in relation to the ‘state of the black population’ that’s meant as joke.  He’s curious to see if that same email would be making “the rounds” on our state, county or city office email systems.  Oh now…just ‘cuz a few idiots did at one time doesn’t mean other idiots will follow.

The email itself is just downright idiotic, however the comments at the newpaper’s site that are just mind-boggling.

UPDATE:  Wonkette has one helluva post.  Go read it.


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  2. So, why would anyone be the least bit surprised by this? Do we really expect the fundamentals of the republican party to reorganize themselves into a modern (post 13th century) social ideal. This is an organization that happily accepts the support of bigots and ignoramuses in the name of preservation of the last vestiges of dynastic power in what is constantly referred to as “democracy”. The mistake, in the minds of those who are loyal to the party, is not in believing this kind of B.S., it is in getting caught in the open with it. There is only one way to effectively cope with this kind of person, trust; trust them to be exactly what they have proven themselves to be, and nothing else. Liars and cheats are only dangerous when they are not handled as such. Remind me again what the value in compromising with these idiots is.

  3. Republicans just hate America, plain and simple.

    OT: Happy Birthday Bob Marley. 🙂 🙂

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