Special Olympics – Torch

So the Olympic torch arrived in Boise late yesterday afternoon having made its way from Athens, Greece.  It’s impressive.

KIVI has video of the torch arriving at City Hall, by way of the Boise Depot.   Special Olympics 2009 main page with the event schedule here; it’s a PDF.  Opening ceremonies are Saturday, 2:00 pm, at the Idaho Center.

An interesting aside is this tiny story of the “behind the scenes”  of the Special Olympics was this story.

Inmates at South Idaho Correctional Institution are making wheelchair ramps so Special Olympic athletes can receive their medals.

It did not take long to find enough volunteers for the 15 open spots.

“There are 150 fellows on the yard that when they heard about it, they really wanted to help,” said project manager Paul Thompson. “We just didn’t have enough work for them.”

Each inmate worked outside and battled the cold for different reasons.

“I’ve lived a life of selfishness. That’s why I got where I am at. So, I am trying to get on a track of being productive,” said Keith Lott.

The men say besides helping out, they are also learning skills that might help them find jobs once they leave the prison.

And ya know, this group of fine athletes will be immensely grateful regardless of those building the ramps, as will their families, their supporters, and their promoters.


Another side note from Coats & Clark – (“America’s #1 name in sewing and needlecraft products” from my sewing days in Home Economics in high school):

In October of 2008, Coats & Clark put out a call to knit and crochet enthusiasts around the world to make 5,000 scarves out of Red Heart® Super Saver™ Delft Blue and White yarns.We are pleased to announce that as of the deadline, January 15, 2009, the Special Olympics World Winter Games headquarters has received over 40,000 (and counting) scarves from around the world.  So overwhelming was the response the post office in Boise, ID delivered three trucks to the World Winter Games’ headquarters in one day!

Last night watching some of the athletes flying in from various countries, receiving those scarves I’m sure it didn’t take much time to realize they needed them!

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