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Maybe someone has noted a reduction in posting – and then, again – maybe not.

The family is sick.  Everyone from my daughter and granddaughter to sister and one of the nephews.  Nothing I want either, the vomiting and stuff – stuff.   So while the son-in-law is at work, I’m out doing things like buying some kind of ‘Upper 10’ type beverage, chicken soup, and Saltines, running the one nephew who isn’t sick to the dentist and eye appointments.  Thankfully, he takes the bus to school. And somewhere amongst all that, I’m supposed to cuddle with the kitties, and work.

Yesterday, I went to Lowell Scott Middle School to pick up my nephew.  I damn near didn’t get him because I couldn’t remember which grade he was in.  I tossed out all kinds of information about him: his birth date, his blood type, his age, his favorite color – nope, didn’t matter.  He wasn’t in the school office yet, and the school secretary just didn’t seem to believe me.  Four times that secretary asked me, “who are you to Tyson?”  Next up was to call my sister, but of course I couldn’t remember her cell number because it’s programmed into my cell phone, which I might add was out in the car. They’d just moved (we helped), and the house phone won’t be ‘hooked up’ until Friday.  And it didn’t help that I was in mismatched, even clashing   sweats – but at least my socks matched.

Ty got there; we called his mom.  She said it was OK to take him.  The school secretary gave us a ‘new’ next-of-kin/emergency card to fill out.  And now I know he’s in the 7th grade.   Somebody remember that so I’ll have a back-up to call.


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  1. Duly noted, Wordsmith. Now, can you remember how to get a hold of me? 😉

  2. Therein lies the rub, huh Tara? It’s like putting something in a “safe place” so you won’t forget where ya put it, and then you can never find it again or it takes freakin’ forever.

  3. Or it turns up years later when you no longer need it or even remember you had it! Ah, the justice…

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