Waiting On Mr. Brown

UPDATE:  It passed from the Senate: 60-38.  Someone voted ‘present’ and Teddy wasn’t there.  Onto President Obama’s desk.


Watching the vote on CSPAN-2 of the Senate on the ‘economic stimulus bill.’  The vote is currently holding at 59 – ? (The ReThugs).  Sherrod Brown will be coming in to cast his vote; the vote is being held till then.

Brown’s mother died February 2nd, and he’s in Ohio.

The White House has arranged a plane to fly the Ohio Democrat to Washington Friday night and then back to Ohio immediately after the scheduled vote so he can attend church services and the funeral for his mother in Mansfield Saturday morning, his office said.

The announcer on CSPAN said Brown is expected back this evening around 10:30 p.m., EST to cast his vote.  If the bill passes, it will be on the president’s desk on Monday.


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  1. You mean Congressman Minnick couldn’t come home to Idaho with the Vice President yesterday because of a vote that wasn’t even going to happen, but they’ll hold to vote for Sherrod Brown who (mourning or not) is a smug s.o.b.? Lovely.

  2. That was Walt’s call, Tara. And Sherrod Brown is a smug SOBster, isn’t he?

  3. Yes, anytime Sherrod Brown has the floor on CSPAN I have to refrain from throwing tomatoes at the tv…

  4. I’ve just finish to see Body of War;
    nothing to say about Mr.Brown,
    no smarts speeches in my mind,
    no accuses,
    no right sides,
    just solidarity.

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