Ohmigawd – Micron Again

My sister has been having a tough time finding another position within the school district.  She had another job interview last Friday but it went to someone else.

And now this.

Micron Technology says it will cut about 500 more jobs soon and up to 1,500 additional jobs by the end of August…..

The latest layoffs were not anticipated or included in Micron’s earlier 15 percent global workforce reduction announcement last October.

I wonder if this will change the governor’s take on the stimulus package.


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  1. The benefits of the Republican Depression continue to reverberate nationwide, and (naturally) ‘tard Governors (who tend to be in denial about how bad things actually are. Just ask Mark Sanford) don’t want anything interfering with their “booming” economies.

  2. That’s ours as well. Mr. ‘Butch’ Otter is thinking the same. However he was kind enough to ask that the Boise and other area employment service office extend their hours to accommodate said workers. I think it’s called a governor’s directive.

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