Today’s the Day for Hilda Solis

“As secretary of Labor, I’ll work to strengthen our unions and support every American in our workforce”

If I told you that Elaine Chao will be forever remembered for that thoughtful trumpeting of the American worker, would you believe me?

Oh ye of little faith….. but you’d be correct – it was actually Hilda Solis.  The Senate will take up the vote on her confirmation today, most likely this afternoon.  The Solis quote is part of a post entitled, ‘Big Labor’s Girl’ which is actually a fairly benign piece from Human (conservative – American Spectator), and does do a good job of bringing out why Hilda Solis should be confirmed.  Period.  That statement above – alone – is enough for me in confirming Rep. Solis.

Here’s the take on Elaine Chao:

Secretary Chao was regularly denounced for daring to monitor union finances, and she is accused of harming workers by loosening regulations on business. The pro-union advocacy group American Rights at Work even launched a “Shame on Elaine” website that declared, “Under Elaine’s questionable ‘leadership’ the Department of Labor has turned into an agency that screws America’s workers and enables corporate giveaways.”

Stupidity really does burn, doesn’t it?

The Republicans in the Senate gave the Democrats assurance no filibuster would ensue, thus any cloture vote wouldn’t be necessary and now the full Senate is set to vote on Solis’ nomination – two months after her nomination. Joe Sudbay at Americablog gave a brief breakdown of why it’s been so long in coming.

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