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Just In Time for Black History Month


Feeling it necessary to apologize for being busy working totally different hours than ever in my adult life, plus the unusual family twists and turns including the continued guardianship of my perseverating, demented dad.  Hmmm – mea cuppa-o-soupa.

Some time ago,Tara at The Political Game and her compadre in blogging, Mountain Goat at The Mountain Goat Report, began a ‘tracking’ page of sorts on the Zeb Bell ‘radio show’ in southern Idaho. They’ve dedicated this page to information and audio of Bell’s radio rantings.


Originally I wanted to post this as a lead into Black History Month, and of course we all know about the road of ‘good intentions’ and sidetracking. At the time, MG had posted this exchange between an unidentified caller and Mr. Bell:

Unidentified Caller: And I am concerned that the freedoms that were given to us by our white forefathers and preserved by white blood will be taken away by people of color in the name of fairness.

Zeb Bell: A-and, you know, and no matter what you say, and no matter what I say, we’re going to be called automatically racists by a very uneducated, what they call elite, part of our society.  They think they’re the elitist of our society and they’ll hang the racism and the bigotry on anybody that doesn’t go along with ’em.  And I’ll tell you what, sir, I think you are right.  Thank you very much for your call.

Ya know, I don’t know which is worse – the stupidity and ignorance or the in-your-face racism.

The freedoms that were given to us by our white forefathers and preserved by white blood will be taken away by people of color in the name of fairness.


We have the freedoms we have due solely to “our white forefathers”  and of course that ancestral freedom is and has been maintained by none other than “white blood?”  Those are words I still find flummoxing. So much so, I can’t wrap my head around anything  cognizant to write without falling out into the usual fuck! fuck, fuckery!


At the time, Mountain Goat was enquiring – how is this different from the hate-filled speech thrown out by the likes of the Aryan Nations? You know those fucking dunderheads who had specific targets in their hateful sights, and was eventually forced to turn over their compound after someone – the target of one of the Aryan Nations physical attacks – won a lawsuit.

And, of course – you know the short answer – it’s not.

And Tara – Tara pointed up one of the ‘shortcomings’ in pursuing the likes of someone like Zeb Bell.  It’s a tireless, thankless job – kinda like milking cows.

Why? Because, as I have pointed out many a time, those who comment on the antics of Zeb Bell usually do so out of devotion to President Obama. Their commentary on Zeb Bell is usually a response to the most recent derogatory thing Zeb Bell has said about Obama. A stray comment about Bell’s self-proclaimed dislike of Obama (he defines it as dislike, though it borders on a racist hatred of Obama) may be picked up by a news outlet, as was the case last year when Bell first caught the eye of many Democrats and the entire Idaho progressive blogosphere, but by and large outside the usual circle of Zeb Bell commentary, that is this blog, the Mountain Goat Report and Gary Eller’s In the Middle, there really is little being said about Bell’s bigotry.

My mission this weekend, following getting some groceries and the other necessary chores out of the way, is to catch up on what Tara and MG have been doing, update the list of those doing political or other blogging of Idaho – and, if I can swing it, timewise – do a guest post about their work, which is actually “cross-posting” at a couple of blogs.  Because it’s important.

~ to be continued …

3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Wordsmith. I appreciate this more than you know.

  2. Black history month wasn’t that back in feburary? Where have you been?

  3. Yu-uh…it was, and I mentioned why I was posting this now instead of the during Black History month as I intended.

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