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“I just cast them off like a pair of dirty socks.”

Well, I did it.  I listened to Zeb Bell for some minutes over at The Mountain Goat Report – Bell’s Bigots vs Bloggers. Poor Zeb – he’s under siege from “little rats, hiding in corners.” socks The title up there is a quote from Mr. Bell concerning the small little people who apparently don’t have jobs ……… you know the usual shtick about bloggers. Since we don’t matter to the likes of him, he casts us off like those socks over there.

Between Tara at The Political Game and, especially, MG, at The Mountain Goat Report who listens to this shit each day it hits the airwaves to monitor the emitting of some hateful speech.  Continue reading

Apparently ReThugs Can’t Multitask

Let me get this straight.  Eric Cantor (ReThug) thinks President Obama should just slow down, focus on one thing at a time – preferably the economy – because “people are out of jobs!”  This from a jackass who voted against the stimulus package.  If Mr. Cantor is having a hard time keeping up then perhaps he needs to find another line of work.

Ya know what’s it’s called – multitasking.

Although I’m not a fan of MSNBC’s ‘First Thoughts’ – specifically Chuck Todd, who I think is a goddamned dunce – Domenico Montanaro has it in these first few sentences. Continue reading

Openings & Closings in My Neighborhood

Sportman’s Warehouse in Nampa is closing – one of 23 across the country. While reading about that a commenter mentioned Joe’s filing for bankruptcy.  There was no other explanation.  They filed bankruptcy protection, Chapter 11, on Wednesday last week, March 4th.  Joe’s has 2 stores in Idaho with one in Meridian (Eagle Road) and the other over by Costco in Nampa.  We like Joe’s.

Joe’s said it plans to keep all 30 of its stores in the Northwest open and will continue to pay its employees wages and benefits. To fund its operations, it said it has obtained $50 million in new borrowing from Wells Fargo Retail Finance.

Then there’s Gino’s Italian Ristorante downtown. Continue reading

Noble? Smoble…

Happened to catch this in the Idaho Statesman.

I don’t even presume to know what went on.  According to the area news sources, there was an armed robbery in Nampa and Mr. Ricardo Ramos became the suspect.   The story is that Mr. Ramos’ “repeatedly shot at county SWAT officers serving a search warrant at the house he shared with his mother in Middleton hours after the robbery.”  Subsequently, Mr. Ramos was killed or at least he died either by the police or his own hand.

In reading the story on my phone this morning, one quote just struck me as ….. odd, from one of Mr. Ramos’ sisters:

“He was a noble man.  We never saw him being angry or violent.”

And yet  – Continue reading