“I just cast them off like a pair of dirty socks.”

Well, I did it.  I listened to Zeb Bell for some minutes over at The Mountain Goat Report – Bell’s Bigots vs Bloggers. Poor Zeb – he’s under siege from “little rats, hiding in corners.” socks The title up there is a quote from Mr. Bell concerning the small little people who apparently don’t have jobs ……… you know the usual shtick about bloggers. Since we don’t matter to the likes of him, he casts us off like those socks over there.

Between Tara at The Political Game and, especially, MG, at The Mountain Goat Report who listens to this shit each day it hits the airwaves to monitor the emitting of some hateful speech.  There’s a page set up at MG’s place that places the focus on the content of Bell’s radio shows, a time line of programs, quotes and happenings, a bit of a biography and some of Mr. Bell’s compatriots. Tomorrow there’s a story set to hit the Boise Weekly regarding the ‘skirmish’ with a bit on the background of the story, complete with some audio. Careful – it’s tuff talkin’.

Rep. Bert Stevenson (R-Rupert)was a guest on Mr. Bell’s show a few weeks ago.  The topic of discussion: The failed measure to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation that didn’t make it out of State Affairs committee; Mr. Stevenson is a member of that committee.

In a recording of the broadcast posted on YouTube, Stevenson told Bell he saw no reason to make “special concessions for special people” and that Sen. Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise, has brought the same bill forward for a couple of years in a row now. The national debate over gay marriage is “trying to redefine the purpose of man being on the earth,” he said, and people aren’t fired for being gay, but because of their work habits.

“If those people want that kind of lifestyle, we will do away with the human race,” he added. “That’s what it was intended to do.”

In fact, here’s the recording (via the Mountain Goat Report) of that conversation.

This is Nicole LeFavour and she’s asking for help.

Well, I’m offering some ways to express it. And I’m asking for your help. Because I can’t do this alone. The tiny cluster of under-funded, human rights oriented, non-profit groups who have worked on these issues for over a decade and have three staff between them, they can’t do this alone.

We all need your help this year because if we don’t have your help things will keep getting worse, not better. And like you, I just can’t bear that.

I think it’s about time, don’t you?


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