Noble? Smoble…

Happened to catch this in the Idaho Statesman.

I don’t even presume to know what went on.  According to the area news sources, there was an armed robbery in Nampa and Mr. Ricardo Ramos became the suspect.   The story is that Mr. Ramos’ “repeatedly shot at county SWAT officers serving a search warrant at the house he shared with his mother in Middleton hours after the robbery.”  Subsequently, Mr. Ramos was killed or at least he died either by the police or his own hand.

In reading the story on my phone this morning, one quote just struck me as ….. odd, from one of Mr. Ramos’ sisters:

“He was a noble man.  We never saw him being angry or violent.”

And yet  –

Court records show Ricardo Ramos had been arrested numerous times by Nampa police and Canyon County sheriff’s deputies, but never for violent crimes.  He had no felony convictions but served 117 days in jail on a 2002 charge of driving a vehicle without its owner’s consent.  Other misdemeanor convictions include a 2007 DUI, a 2001 malicious injury to property charge and a 1998 charge of resisting or obstructing an officer.

See, I’m thinking nonangry, nonviolent people don’t usually get themselves in these kinds of positions.  And besides, ‘noble’ which I’ve always equated with having real excellence in moral or mental character, that’s not me. Especially after spending a night in jail after kicking that cop who may or not have had it coming. Granted that was a long time ago – still it doesn’t help with my noble problem or Mr. Ramos for that matter.

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