Openings & Closings in My Neighborhood

Sportman’s Warehouse in Nampa is closing – one of 23 across the country. While reading about that a commenter mentioned Joe’s filing for bankruptcy.  There was no other explanation.  They filed bankruptcy protection, Chapter 11, on Wednesday last week, March 4th.  Joe’s has 2 stores in Idaho with one in Meridian (Eagle Road) and the other over by Costco in Nampa.  We like Joe’s.

Joe’s said it plans to keep all 30 of its stores in the Northwest open and will continue to pay its employees wages and benefits. To fund its operations, it said it has obtained $50 million in new borrowing from Wells Fargo Retail Finance.

Then there’s Gino’s Italian Ristorante downtown. This place and Louie’s I like, and as someone said – no going back to Olive Garden now, as if that’s Italian.  Gino’s downtown will close the end of March.  However, the owner is hoping to open the first week of April in Meridian, “a larger new Meridian eatery.”

Last week I saw this story on Cole Village which is about half-mile from my place.  The library is set to open June 1st; I asked at the delsas-closedmain branch because construction is coming along nicely on the branch library at Cole Village, it’s seems to be a bit in coming for the originally announced “Spring 2009.”

And then there’s Delsa’s. Tim Woodward did a column this past December on the plans to reopen Delsa’s.  I was horrified when I saw that ‘Closed’ on their sign.  It was ‘our place’ – the place my nephews and I would go after one of their baseball games or some other outdoorsy thing.  And I’m here to tell ya – there was brown paper up over the windows.  Now that paper is down over where the front door is and you can see inside.  I’m thinking they were painting.  The sign is totally empty of anything; it’s just the frame so hopefully a new one is coming.

I hope it’s soon. And best of all, Delsa’s is about a block or so from the new library!


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  1. I have great memories of going to Delsa’s after a grocery trip with my grandmother (who lived on Grandee, which is probably familiar to you). I hope something similar is going in!

  2. Ah yeah – Grandee isn’t that far from me either. The two guys who bought Delsa’s own a similar place over off State Street. The plan is to keep about the same, they just won’t make ice cream there. I think it’ll do well. There’s all kinds of people who would/could walk there. it’s about a mile and some from my place. We could do it. We have legs. 😀

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