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What’s Next, Mr. Stevenson?


With all the ongoing hullabaloo surrounding Mr. Bell and his Broadcast Bigots, I found this a bit disconcerting. Mr. Bell boasted that he had ‘confronted’ someone about something they said …. about him.  Someone he claimed was a blogger.  Someone, he also claimed he asked very nicely to accompany him to a nice meeting so he could be told “that to my face.”  I’m not real clear on what THAT might be. I do have a few non-nice suspicions however, and I’ll just bet real money it involves ‘John Wayneing up.’

As The Political Game had it, the newspaper for Magic Valley, The  Times-News, published a letter to the editor entitled ‘Idaho is too great for hate” written by a gentleman from the Boise area; a nice ‘supportive’ letter.  Directly underneath however was the comment section in which this was left.

Originally Posted – March 11, 2009, 5:11 am – posted by Lee Halper (id:silverchest)

Follows an email I sent to Rep. Stevenson.Bert, as you know, I sent you a personal email on March 5th with an invitation to meet to discuss your radio show appearance with Zeb Bell. You were not enough of a gentlemen to even reply but you did act on it. On the 7th, I get a call on my cell phone which number only family members and you know. It’s Zeb calling me a coward and inviting me to macho it out. He later called and left a voicemail with a similar message.Here’s another citizen who isn’t afraid to speak the truth that we may have elected officials and radio announcers who spew hate and intolerance, a wonderful legacy for our children and grandchildren in the grand tradition of Aryan Idaho.

For your information, since you forwarded my personal email, I feel no obligation to not share this story with the world. May Christ forgive you and Zeb your hate and bigotry.

The part in bold I at first found a bit confusing and it took reading over a few times before it struck me.  Perhaps like me, said silverchest, does not hand out his cell phone number to just anyone, ya know.  I mean, the only ones who have my cell phone number are family members and those taking care of my father.  I don’t give it out because, simply put, I have a land line. I’m in the phone book, you want to get a hold of me – I’m in “the book.”  See? Perhaps silverchest has applied similar logic.

Somewhere along the line hurtling into this uncomfortable macerated mix of Mr. Bell and his Broadcast Bigots we have a state representative. (John A) “Bert” Stevenson, who has managed to make things even more turbulent by appearing on Mr. Bell’s radio show and making disgustingly disparaging remarks regarding certain residents of Idaho and a state senator.  Following that, an apparent constituent of the state rep flashes off an email wanting to meet with his state representative.  Somehow that email finds itself passed along to Mr. Bell.

Now WHATEVER would possess someone who serves as state representative in the legislature to pass along to anyone – let alone a bully such as the likes of Mr. Bell, who calls out people who differ from him in whatever way as cockroaches, rats, sleaze, low-classed (just to name a polite few), as Mountain Goat calls it “courteous gay bashing” – the personal email and cell phone number of someone who had written to him, Mr. Stevenson?  Not Mr. Bell; Mr. Stevenson.  Ignorance? Boundaries? Stupidity? Duplicity? How could such an individual use such poor judgment?

You know what I think it’s about?  Old, white, male privilege.  Mr. Stevenson obviously thinks because he’s white and male and then the pinnacle of this triangle, being an “old-timer” – it’s a trump deal, ya know – he’s been provided with all the answers.  He’s the lead in moral authority. He is at the top of that hierarchical pinnacle in other words.  And all this simply because he’s white AND male, and old.  And, I’ve seen it in action countless times.  You think I’m kidding? I’m not.  Spend some time in the alternate universe of anyone of color, anyone who sits on the outer fringes of what’s cited as ‘the norm’ in our society/culture and you’d get an inkling.

The Mountain Goat Report posted a release from Lion’s Pride Idaho and the Southern Idaho Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual and Transgendered Community Center that Mr. Stevenson had “graciously agreed to meet with representatives from the two groups next week in Boise.”  The two groups had requested the meeting when asking Mr. Stevenson to apologize for his classless remarks. This meeting will be to “discuss our shared concerns.”  They’re certainly more hopeful than I.

As MG reported today:

Stevenson made another appearance on the program where he said to Bell, “If I’ve offended somebody, I apologize but I want people to realize that the question you asked me the last time was my opinion and that hasn’t changed at all.  And so if I’ve offended someone I apologize for that but my opinion hasn’t changed,” indicating that he has held his position for 30 or 40 years.

First off, Mr. Stevenson was born in 1936; he’s 73. This position he’s supposedly held for 30 or 40 years, he has only held since the age of 33 or 43?  If true (and I’m doubtful), he comes across as a surely rigid man. And, I would offer agreement with Sisyphus in commenting at MG’s place – that Mr. Stevenson has not had much contact with any LGBT folks whether or not they’re his constituents.

However, while Bert may have been exposed to gay people on television I seriously doubt that he knows anyone who is openly gay given the dehumanizing atmosphere he and Zeb have perpetrated. This will bring him a step closer looking on gay people as human beings.

In listening to the manner wherein he described Nicole LaFavour, I won’t even give Mr. Stevenson the benefit of doubt that he’ll take that step closer towards “looking on gay people as human beings.”  Not once did Mr. Stevenson called Ms LeFavour by her name or her senatorial rank in the discussion on Zeb Bell’s radio program. Ms LeFavour was referenced as “that lady.”

Because the same bullshit that governs his thinking is the same bullshit that sees this as granting “special rights” (or “special concessions” as per Mr. Stevenson) to people who shouldn’t even be allowed to function within our society. He doesn’t recognize it’s about granting the same rights as others NOT something ‘additional’ to what others or he enjoys.  And he doesn’t see that because he doesn’t want to see it.

Of course, I could be wrong.


(p.s. – I’m getting old, and I find nothing more infuriating than someone to go off about how ‘old people don’t change’ their thought processes, etc.  It’s not true.  Case in point is my own father who – before the dementia set in too deep last year – started voting Democrat in 2000.  Besides, how can you NOT change?  It’s part of evolving into a better person.  How can that happen if you remain STATIC!?)

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  1. I definitely don’t think you’re wrong.

  2. Don’t encourage me, damnit!

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