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Tammy Bruce / Zeb Bell & The Village Idiot

Those of us who are progressive bloggers here know of the partnered efforts The Mountain Goat Report and The Political Game are keeping to monitor the hate spewing of ‘local’ broadcaster, Zeb Bell, spotlighting his bigoted rantings.  MG now is producing a daily rundown of the content and guest spots of Bell’s show.

A few afternoons ago while visiting Jack & Jill Politics, a commenter left a note with a link to Huffington Post.  Another nasty conservative talk show host, Laura Ingraham, happened to have substitute sitting in for her that afternoon – one Tammy Bruce – who enraged some by referring to Michelle Obama as “trash.”

“That’s what he’s married to,” Bruce said. “…You know what we’ve got? We’ve got trash in the White House.

And so rikyrah at Jack & Jill responded, focusing on video of the meeting of First Lady Michelle Obama held with several prominent women to help with her projects. Also include in rikyrah’s post was the C-SPAN link of Michelle Obama talking to small group of high schoolers in D.C.  Here you see Michelle Obama speaking to a small group of mostly juniors & seniors about being labeled as “talking white” while growing up attending school on the south side of Chicago and what it took to buck the current. Continue reading

Ed Henry: Piss Ant

Just in case anyone is swayed by Bill Bennett or any of the other head up their ass media types – Chuck Todd, are ya listening?  Especially those dimwits at CNN.  And for the last fucking time – you don’t have the best political team on cable news.  Because if you did, you wouldn’t have to remind us perpetually; we’d know. Since you don’t, you think if you say enough we’ll – what? – eventually say…… ohmigawd! I’ve been soooo wrong.  CNN DOES have the best political team on cable news!

Now – Ed Henry got the snot knocked out of him last night with it being handed to him on an old chipped platter.  The president wasn’t talking about Andrew Cuomo.  He was talking TO and ABOUT Ed Henry.