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Tammy Bruce / Zeb Bell & The Village Idiot

Those of us who are progressive bloggers here know of the partnered efforts The Mountain Goat Report and The Political Game are keeping to monitor the hate spewing of ‘local’ broadcaster, Zeb Bell, spotlighting his bigoted rantings.  MG now is producing a daily rundown of the content and guest spots of Bell’s show.

A few afternoons ago while visiting Jack & Jill Politics, a commenter left a note with a link to Huffington Post.  Another nasty conservative talk show host, Laura Ingraham, happened to have substitute sitting in for her that afternoon – one Tammy Bruce – who enraged some by referring to Michelle Obama as “trash.”

“That’s what he’s married to,” Bruce said. “…You know what we’ve got? We’ve got trash in the White House.

And so rikyrah at Jack & Jill responded, focusing on video of the meeting of First Lady Michelle Obama held with several prominent women to help with her projects. Also include in rikyrah’s post was the C-SPAN link of Michelle Obama talking to small group of high schoolers in D.C.  Here you see Michelle Obama speaking to a small group of mostly juniors & seniors about being labeled as “talking white” while growing up attending school on the south side of Chicago and what it took to buck the current.

What follows is the manufactured outrage of Tammy Bruce over Michelle’s characterization of ‘talking white.’  Ms Bruce basked in the increased hits to her blog and, oh by the way, she is NOT going to apologize in case you want to know.

But what was even more despicable was THAT wasn’t the worst to be directed against the Obama family that day.  This just has to be. Burt Prelutsky, a columnist with Townhall.com “the popular website owned by a Christian radio network” shot off his mouth with this tidbit:

The burning question in my circle is: if the First Family gets a female dog, will she be the First Bitch or will she have to settle for second place?

Oh, but of course – “a Christian radio network” allows the desecration of the First Lady of the United States.  Seriously – who said this kind of shit about Laura Bush? One of the more clear-headed summations about the Tammy Bruce shit storm is at TPM.  More interesting is Eric Boehlert’s column at Media Matters from last month regarding ‘the unhinging and implosion of the racist right.’

And we’ve seen that unhinging right here in Idaho, haven’t we? It’s what’s being documented by Mountain Goat and The Political Game.  But now I’m really beginning to wonder.  Who ARE these people?

page-dividerWhile stewing over the above named idiots, I ran across this nugget from BinkyBoy at 43rd State Blues.

The recent plane crash outside Butte,  Montana that killed 14 people is being celebrated by none other than ”the Village Idiot’ – head of the so-called Idaho Values Alliance (Google it if you’re so inclined).  Why? Apparently those on the plane were close relatives of Irving “Bud” Feldkamp  – owner of the California Family Planning clinics – that according to the Christian News Wire outperforms even Planned Parenthood in performing abortions in that state.  Mr. Feldkamp by the way is not a physician who performs abortions.  He is a dentist who provides health care and family planning (under which abortion would fall).   The gleefulness in the deaths of 7 children and 7 adults is disturbing enough but intermixed are quotations from the Old Testament.  It never CEASES to amaze the audacity to wallow in the Old Testament when with the sacrifice of Christ, we became a new people to follow the New Testament with the admonition that we now have two great commandments. ….. the greatest of these, love.

Do these pendijos actually think minds will be changed with their gleeful dance over the death of a 6 month-old and her siblings in a fiery plane crash because her grandfather, who is a dentist, owns family planning clinics?

Because the god who’s being touted here is not G*d.  their god is not G*d.

4 Responses

  1. Who would imagine people such as these still exist.

  2. […] Those of us who are progressive bloggers here know of the […]

  3. That’s what happens ( and we have seen it over and over) when an idiot gets a hold of a microphone

  4. After reading this article, I feel that I really need more info. Can you suggest some resources please?

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