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Hostages of Bryan Fischer?

As noted here the other day, Bryan Fischer of the Idaho Values Alliance – no link to be provided – had this monstrosity posted on his website, via 43rd State Blues.  It references a plane crash in Butte, Montana at the edge of a cemetery not quite making it into the airport. There were no survivors.

You by now will have read about the plane crash in Montana which took the lives of 14 people. What you may not have read is that among the victims were members of Bud Feldkamp’s family, including two of his daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. Feldkamp, it turns out, is the owner of the nation’s largest privately owned, for-profit abortion chain. His clinics perform more abortions in California even than Planned Parenthood. The plane, in another tragically ironic twist, crashed in a Roman Catholic cemetery which contains a memorial to victims of abortion, the ‘Tomb of the Unborn.’ Pro-lifers had prayed for years in front of his mansion, pleading with him and praying for him to repent and warning him for his children’s sake that, “If you do not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you.”

Then Thursday, I believe, Kevin Richert (Idaho Statesman) had written that he was STUNNED at the posting on Mr. Fischer’s site.


Why?  And, since when?

This is the same Fischer; nothing’s changed.  He’s the same man somehow seen as representative of  ??, asked for his ‘opinion’, his ‘insight’ – his bullshit – as representative…. of whom?

I’m as curious as Chris at The Unequivocal Notion who points out that it’s the media here who calls on Fischer.

“Bryan Fischer relishes the deaths of 14 people killed in a plane crash in MT. Yet Idaho’s media continues to call him for comment on pretty much any political story.

And yet Alan at IdaBlue has a proposition:

Here’s what I ask; stop going to him for comments on various and sundry political issues. If he does something newsworthy, fine, report it, but he’s not a legitimate spokesman for conservative political positions.

Julie Fanslow, writing in response to Richert’s post, hits it squarely when she relates the absurd impact of Mr. Fischer when relating his testimony before the House Health & Welfare Committee on day-care licensing ‘the other day’:

Yet somehow, the words of Fischer and Hoffman trumped that of the dozen-plus other people who practically begged for the bill’s passage, including representatives of the Catholic and Adventist churches, a lawyer for Idaho’s health districts, and a woman whose baby nearly died in what she thought was a safe child-care facility.

But really, whom does Bryan Fischer represent?

Yes, who exactly? Is he representative of himself alone or others who dance gleefully over the deaths of toddlers (from 1-2 years of age), their siblings, parents, and others in a fiery plane crash because their  grandfather, a dentist, owns family planning clinics – and some holy retribution was exacted for his investment?  Does he represent those who are awash in the violence and wrath permeating the Old Testament, meting out presumptuous and deadly icicles of judgment with, as one commenter at the Idaho Statesman offered, “a frightening lack of humility before God…” while blatantly overlooking the new covenant that comes with the sacrifice of Christ and who now offers two ‘new’ commandments:

The first of all the commandments is…thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.  And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these (Mk. 12:29-31)

As if Mr. Fischer’s original posting wasn’t hateful and grisly enough on its own, this “clarification” was later issued.  (Via BinkyBoy at 43rd State Blues):

“….the Village Idiot (Bryan Fischer) has written this:

The terrible symmetry in this event is the kind of thing that should prompt us all to reflect on certain major questions about the sanctity of life and justice in this life and in the age to come.

I imagine that all of us will answer these questions in different ways, and none of us knows the mind of God on this matter, which is why I refrained from offering any commentary. We will not know the ultimate answers to our questions until we stand on the other side, but think on these things we must.

Fucking Ghoul.”

The terrible symmetry?  What “terrible symmetry?”  Mr. Fischer offered ‘no commentary’ with his hideous posting but now talks about “terrible symmetry!”  I’m sorry, is the above the more compassionate version of Mr. Fischer’s gleeful dance celebrating over those who died in that fiery plane crash?

Well – whatever retribution you believe in Mr. Fischer, if it comes for them, it’ll come for you.  Count on it.

Until then, I suggest the local media types find a more substantial, “legitimate spokesman for conservative political positions” as Alan advised above. Surely someone exists to fill that role.

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  1. I’m not sure I understand the heartlessness that drives people like this guy, especially in attaching the label of ‘christian’ to their facade. I can only hope this exposes them to others to be the hateful people they truly are.

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