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Zeb Bell’s Pitiful Party

Since approximately mid-2008, two of Idaho’s progressive bloggers have been keeping tabs on southern Idaho’s radio talk broadcast  ‘Zeb at the Ranch.’  I’m not about to rehash what’s been unearthed as a result of their coverage.  I am going to confront something posted at The Mountain Goat Report – a question in relation to an accusation from Mr. Zebbell.

First – there’s this.  It’s a two-minute clip of Mr. Zebbell with a rough transcript provided below. Make sure you either listen OR read the words.

Ah yeah, let’s see – ya know. I do want to mention something else … quickly.

For all the far left attacks by the liberal, left, hate-filled bloggers – and these people really are hate-filled. They have no shame and they have no conscience evidently.

And if you or I stand for a value system…..we stand for a value system: believe in the bible, believe in god, believe in the 10 commandments. We try to live our lives. We all make mistakes, and every day we try to get up and say I’m sorry for what I did yesterday, I will try not to repeat it and try to be better human beings and better to our fellow man.

But if you stand up for a value system – they come after ya. Yep.

They had resorted to some of the lowest forms attacks on the blogs, on me, my life, and even – my physical challenges.  I make no bones about it. I’m all busted up and I’m on crutches. Oh boy – they really went after that.

And I had a lady call me yesterday and said, ‘Boy this must really bother you and hurt you.” Well, you’re not a human being with any feelings at all if you say, ‘No, it doesn’t bother me.” That’s not correct. But does it really affect me?  There’s a difference.

No! Because I am not going to let those, I hate to use the word – people – affect what I do or what I stand up for. And if I did, I couldn’t live with myself. You gotta stand up for something. And these people are so low, and they try to be so intimidating, I just wonder – really – I feel almost a pity for them.

A pity for them because of who they are and what they represent. But as far as me changing what I stand for, my convictions – hmmt – they are trying to climb the wrong tree, and it’s not going to change. I do. I pity them. From – some of them south of Twin Falls to anywhere in the state. I pity you.

Calls welcome…. 436- 2244.

From The Mountain Goat Report:

It’s a little difficult to take as anything other than disingenuous and self-serving a man who would rant against someone for making an offensive comment toward a group of people when he has repeatedly used demeaning and derogatory language toward that same group of people.  And he has done this knowing that the term is offensive, even prefacing his comments with phrases like, “Some people may be offended when I say this phrase. . . ,” and “I’m going to use that word; if they don’t like it that’s tough.”

As is asked –

Where did Zeb get this idea? Is he trying to further demonize and marginalize bloggers? Would he fabricate a story summoning his listeners’ pity to do so? I don’t have a clue. But if there is something of that sort on the Zeb Page, someone point it out to me and it will be removed because it doesn’t belong there.

My short answer – yep…. although the Mountain Goat expresses hesitation. I don’t.  I’m coming up on 14 years of sobriety, and I sometimes think that’s what fuels my irritation with bullshitters and liars. The adage: ‘It takes one to know one?’  As a former colossal bullshitter, I’m calling BULLSHIT! on Mr. Zebbell’s claim that “left-wing bloggers” have ‘made fun’ or attacked him because of his physical challenges.

Up front – straight out – I simply DO NOT believe it.

Mr. Zebbell has been under a microscope over the past several months and has been made to be accountable for the content of his radio show that filters across the Magic Valley.  His words are now out there for others to hear, for others to read, and they are not always kind or thoughtful (or even thought-filled).  They are quite often outright vicious, disparaging, attacking, and demeaning.

What has also come to light are those who appear as ‘guests’ on Mr. Zebbell’s radio show.  Legislators – Idaho state legislators, Republicans – and more recently a member of the Idaho Supreme Court, Mr. Burdick.  Impressed?  Disgusted.  The despicable language emitting from Mr. Zebbell’s radio show has clearly sharpened the light shining on those who claim political power in this state.  And it is not comforting.

When away from Idaho, I was often the only representative of Idaho most people had ever met.  Their knowledge of Idaho appeared to be limited solely to ‘Idaho potatoes’ and the Aryan Nations.  Little did they or I know the thought processes of the Aryan Nations was not an anomaly.

So as to the original question – would Zeb Bell do something to “further demonize and marginalize bloggers?”

Oh – without a doubt.

3 Responses

  1. Little did they or I know the thought processes of the Aryan Nations was not an anomaly.

    What a legacy to relate to, eh?

  2. What is a state supreme court justice doing on such a program? Was looking over the page on this guy….simply staggering.

  3. It might appear to some there’s little difference in how Mr. Zebbell’s thought processes work and those who claim to be supporters of Mr. Butler’s propaganda.

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