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Kiss – Dr. Pepper

My sister really enjoys ‘Family Jewels‘ with Gene Simmons.  I’m not exactly sure about the  why.  I just know she loves relating to me part of the latest episode she’s watched all the while laughing her head off.   So when I saw this the other night on TV,  I laughed so hard the cats became concerned.

The President in Baghdad

Update:  This is a sweet picture.


Thanks to my friends at Jack & Jill Politics, I stumbled across President Obama’s surprise visit to Baghdad.  All photos are courtesy of GreenLadyHere’s expertise at finding anything Obama on the web – especially pictures!

MSNBC slide show…… Huffington Post……. and bookmark this page – Daylife Publishers

Say what you will, this is the first president for whom I would really lay my life on the line.  Outside of Jimmy Carter who I genuinely respected, Barack Obama has done the most to restore my faith in the office of the president – and absolutely bolstered without a doubt by his wife, Michelle Obama.  Of course, keep in mind, Richard Nixon was president when I was in the military.  Clinton – I can remember telling someone at the Idaho Democratic caucus wayyy back that I’d vote for Clinton when he learned to keep his pecker in his pants. (I’m not a fan of either Bill or Hillary really, although Hillary I have much less animosity towards. Bill just acts too fucking entitled.)

Watch this video from Politico; it’ll get ya.