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white_winged_doves21So yesterday, Mountain Goat throws out this teaser about southern Idaho’s hate speech monger.  Truthfully, I don’t know what I thought would be up.  Just something more outlandish than ‘the last thing.’

Welll – now it seems Mr. Zebell has come into the blogging fold after all the tantrums and lippiness about the evilness of blogging and some specific bloggers who are nothing more than “scurrying little rats” for whom he “feels pity for” – and, I think, the best line of all – casting them off like “a pair of dirty socks.”  Tsk, tsk.

Thus, Mr. Zeb’s Rebs are now a more tangible threat.  As Mountain Goat pans out below the curious nature of the moniker, there’s also the contributors – one seemingly ‘regular’ a “who’s who” promoting white nationalism.  One Frosty Wooldridge who has served as guest host on Zeb‘s show.  As MG points, out Mr. Woolridge is described as a Nativist by the Southern Poverty Law Center.  A more in-depth explanation is at the Mountain Goat Report and of course, the SPLC.

Looking at the others listed as contributors on his blog, that becomes even more apparent.  Iron Yak, a Mormon housewife with eleven kids from Burley, describes herselfher blog, alongside a sketch of Jesus Christ, you’ll find [the cartoon below], making the email sent by Canyon County Commissioner Steve Rule last December, mild in comparison. as a writer/artist and is apparently a political cartoonist.  Her artistic talents far exceed her good taste and human decency, however.

Following this, I took a look.  After all I have family members who are LDS and knowing them and the people they’re around, I thought ‘just how bad could it be?’  Well what I did find surely did, as MG says above, exceeded “good taste and human decency.” It is absolute disgusting.  In the midst of a flurry of comments, suddenly the cartoon disappeared from the website.

Now – pleaseexplain to me what family value does this fall under?  Really. I want to know.lipstick-on-a-pigMG is right – “it’s not that this particular cartoon …. targets the Obamas in an especially offensive manner… this sort of intolerance” …. happens “every day in that community–the bigotry is mainstream.” No, it’s about the level of intolerance, the level of bigotry that comes out every day – all day in the interactions between the various individuals who make up that community.

Then there’s this woman who supposedly “is an upstanding member of the community, a business person, a supposedly religious person. Makes you wonder what it is these people who exhort us to “check our spiritual compass and turn our hearts back to our God” and profess to speak for “moral values” are talking about.”

Precisely.  These are not moral values.  They’re not family values. They’re values of hate – plain and simple.  Hate and bigotry.  As Tara said: “I do not believe in the hatred, sexism, xenophobia, bigotry, intolerance, racism and general closed mindedness of any of these groups.”

And she’s spot on when she states she cannot believe any of their values actually have merit.

How could they?  Especially when they’re only representative of hate and it’s destructive processes.  And they cannot continue to go unchallenged.  Nor will they.


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  1. Wordsmith, I’ve been wanting to say something about this woman for a couple of days and couldn’t/can’t seem to articulate my feelings on the matter–you did a nice job of it and I appreciate you pointing out the parts of this woman’s “profile” that are so completely opposite of what she posts on her blog and the hate she represents.

  2. Welll…I didn’t flesh it out as much as would’ve like. And I would’ve like to have included more of your TERRIFIC post, Tara.

    Last night I watched a bit of Larry King Live and following what I watched, the guest was Laura Schlesinger, promoting her book: “In Praise of Stay-At-Home Moms.” She ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to give Michelle Obama OR Marian Robinson any due for their relationship or the relationship with their girls, Sasha & Malia.

    Here’s a woman espousing ‘stay-at-home moms’ – really wasn’t one herself and yet, won’t compliment the First Lady of the United States for her relationship with her girls and staying at home NOR for the ‘arrangement’ in which their grandmother is a primary caretaker as well.

    But wait – there’s more…..coming up later.


  3. Thanks, Wordsmith. I would have liked to continue with my values post, tying it into this latest dispicable Zeb-related story, however I know the “Iron Yak” and I’m still reeling over that fact…

  4. however I know the “Iron Yak” and I’m still reeling over that fact…

    Holy Shit!! Welll…. I can only imagine if it were my sister – I’d be stunned to say the least.

  5. Ugh. I have to point this cartoon out to my devout LDS daughter, who in her unusual innocence, was not aware of the monkey/black people significance…(she was unable to understand why there might be controversy over the dead chimp/stimulus bill cartoon).

    The cartoon above made me sick to my stomach. I wish I hadn’t seen it, it is so vile. The Iron Yak, eh? What, 11 kids aren’t enough to occupy her time, she has time to spend spreading terrible filth such as this?

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