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White House Easter Eggs!

Check out the Easter eggs to be handed out at the White House, and they’re ECO-FRIENDLY!


The First Couple have helped come up with an eco-friendly wooden egg which uses less materials than last year’s and is coloured with renewable vegetable-oil dye. One will be given to each child who attends the traditional Easter egg rolling event at the Presidential residence on Monday.

The eggs can be ordered through the National Park Foundation if one feels so inclined. I’m thinking one for me, one my for granddaughter, and maybe one for her mother.  😉

Don’t Come to Work Dressed in Drag

Could we just be more ignorant?  Please…..

Darlene’s World was the spotter on this.

Senate Democrats opposed reconfirming northern Idaho Republican Ruthie Johnson to the nine-member Commission on Human Rights after she said employers should be able to fire workers for wearing clothing meant for the opposite sex.

At her April 3 confirmation hearing, the 85-year-old Johnson was asked if gays should be protected from workplace discrimination.

She responded, “If someone comes to work dressed in drag, they should be able to fire them,” according to meeting minutes.

As one commenter at the Idaho Statesman wrote:

So, the Grand Wizard didn’t make the cut?

Pretty damned close.  Johnson’s confirmation ultimately was approved on a party-line vote.  85 years old and still ignorant.

As this commenter noted (slfisher, April 09 at 3:41 p.m)

You know, it’s interesting. If it weren’t for organizations such as the Human Rights Commission, someone 85 years old might have been told they were too old for the job. Fortunately we have protections against age discrimination. Ironic, isn’t it?

Irony? I don’t know that ole’ Ruthie will see the dichotomy there, Sharon. It’s a bit on the ‘deep side’ and she doesn’t seem to be much of a swimmer.

Don’t Let’s Get Married

The other night on Hardball while Mike Barnicle was sitting in for Tweety, I was hurrying through “the outer office” and heard thunderously pounding of each other by two people while Mr. Barnicle did his watching shtick.  Even though coming into the midst of it, I gathered it was about some awful commercial and same-sex marriage.  How those two ‘things’ intersected I wasn’t real sure, but quickly backpedaled to find out.

Let’s see – here’s that argument.

And here, here’s the commercial.

We’ll do it the other way around.  Here’ the commercial.

Now here’s the throw-down on MSNBC the other night in response to that commercial. Continue reading