Don’t Let’s Get Married

The other night on Hardball while Mike Barnicle was sitting in for Tweety, I was hurrying through “the outer office” and heard thunderously pounding of each other by two people while Mr. Barnicle did his watching shtick.  Even though coming into the midst of it, I gathered it was about some awful commercial and same-sex marriage.  How those two ‘things’ intersected I wasn’t real sure, but quickly backpedaled to find out.

Let’s see – here’s that argument.

And here, here’s the commercial.

We’ll do it the other way around.  Here’ the commercial.

Now here’s the throw-down on MSNBC the other night in response to that commercial.

It appears the crux of their ‘argument’ is marriage equality will threaten their personal freedoms and thus, they have put together an alleged “rainbow coalition against equality.”  What?! Suddenly they’re worried about their personal freedoms after giving up all kinds of shit to ‘be safe’ under the Bush administration. Wire tapping, getting stopped by the police without cause, having your car searched without cause, loss of habeas corpus, corpus, etc.

And that “rainbow coalition against equality” did catch my attention.  The diversity of those in the ad was stunning, and there was even a doctor who claimed……  Well, well, well – that ad – actors. There were two videos on You Tube, however, they’ve been pulled with the message: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by National Organization for Marriage.”   Now THAT took just a matter of hours.  HOWEVER – guess who JUST happened to cover that very thing last night on her show?!  I couldn’t find her clip at first but thanks to Pam’s House Blend, here it is.  My favorite line: ‘rainbow collision.’

Update: (4/11/09)  Apparently the National Organization for Marriage (heterosexuals only) has laid claim to copyright infringement.  This is from MSNBC – our focus begins at approximately 2:00 minutes into the video.

Julia Rosen at Crooks and Liars, has an appeal for funds in response to a challenge put out by the Dolby Family for the “Courage Campaign to raise $25,000 as a matching grant to fund Camp Courage trainings for marriage equality activists.”  (Rosen discloses that she works for the Courage Campaign)

The Tennessee Guerilla Women are on it, as is Feministe, and closer to home The Mountain Goat Report – she even has a song, no dance routine though.

For more information if interested:

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