Tea Party 2009

I’m half listening to ‘Talk of the Nation’ on NPR about the “tea parties” and ‘the protest against increased taxes for the wealthy’ combined with a bit of reading.  But what, pray tell – does THIS have to do with taxes?

And WHAT exactly does “Speak for yourself, Obama” mean?  The ignorance and stupidity that has encompassed this beloved land of ours is appalling.  Jus’ fucking appalling.



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  1. Obama said that we don’t think of ourselves as a christian nation when he was in turkey a week or so ago. That’s what this guy is referring too.

    Go Obama, go!

  2. Well – he’s right – we’re not. We’re a diverse nation, which apparently pisses a lot of people off. And I guarantee ya, Roe – some of these people won’t even think I’m Christian because I’m Catholic. Still have some of THOSE around.

    Either get over it or move somewhere offshore by yourself. Jesus Christ! We put up with the Bush/Cheney thugs for 8 years and these dimwits are whining after 2 months? Actually they were whining before.

  3. I know what you mean, my family would say that you’re not a christian, though my atheism doesn’t go over well at all 😉

    Can you believe the fit they are pitching, I mean come on, it hasn’t even been 4 months since the guy was elected and it seems like the religious right(RR) is have a daily shit fit.

    I’m just hoping he gets re-elected so that the RR can enjoy the taste of the shit sandwich that comes from not being represented by your president like we did for the last 8 years.

  4. The wingnuts in Idaho Falls actually were proud of being called “radical rightwing wingnuts”.

    I agree about the daily shit fits. And the lies, oh…the lies. It’s disheartening.


  5. The McVeigh Admiration Society is just a tick from openly admitting to it. I expect that next.

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