Tea Party in Chicago

Crooks & Liars has video up of CNN’s Susan Roesgen attempting to talk to people in Chicago about why they are there. She finds not much to do with taxes.

And if you don’t know what a word means, can’t use it properly in a sentence, and cannot define WHY someone is such a thing, you cannot use it. As in ‘fascist,’ fat boy. It’s a cinch those taxpayers dollars were wasted on his education.


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  1. what the heck this is getting to be scary
    I wonder who woke up and read Gallup’s new poll?

  2. Exactly, dude.

    I also don’t think people understand all that federal monies “buy.” Just today for instance – got a boy in with cerebral palsy -severe….. the services from occupational therapy, speech and physical therapy, not to mention school aides, techs, IEP, cost of medications, wheelchair (power with head control) is paid with taxpayer monies. And, no – I wouldn’t deny him a cent.

    Paved roads, water from the tap, flushing toilets, clean air (in some spots), electricity grids, …… oh we could on ‘n on, couldn’t we?

    And – no doubt – it is a tad scary.

  3. I don’t mind paying my taxes one bit. But I disagree with mindless protest…and most of the right wing media appeals to mindless individuals who don’t want to think for themselves, and are happy to let someone else tell them what to do.

    Big difference between the conservatives and the liberals. Liberals hardly ever band together well because we’re all in separate little niches along the way. But conservatives will mindlessly follow the mouthy jerks all the way off the cliff and into the sea.

    The trouble is, they breed so many more to take their places, that it’s difficult to ever get ahead of the game.


  4. Yes we do have our little niches don’t we? It’s like we CANNOT win for shooting ourselves REPEATEDLY in not just one foot, but feets – both feet – at the same time. Why be happy?

    The trouble is, they breed so many more to take their places, that it’s difficult to ever get ahead of the game.

    Can’t fool me, Darlene; I’ve learned not to read comments or certain posts by certain bloggers with ANYTHING in my mouth. And I just saw something on those apparently never barren Duggars yesterday.

  5. I think the whole “tea party” thing boils down to a bunch of sore loser RACISTS who are STILL trying to find some way to get everybody incensed at the darkie.

    We know from their mindless fellating of the moronic monkey that they flat do not give a good god damn about spending. So there HAS to be some other reason.

  6. I remember reading a book quite awhile ago (don’t remember the name or I’d be having it) that talked about the religious right needed a new ‘focus’ because the environment to promote racism was too intolerant, so they switched their heaviest focus onto abortion. They called it “the new racism.”

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