Whose To Say Dreams are Passe’

When you think you’re too old to dream ……… watch this.

Update: Didn’t realize the embedding was disabled, but this is an interview with Susan Boyle on Scottish television and shows a bit of her spot on ‘Britain’s Got Talent.’  (The second video, just punch it anyway & it’ll take to You Tube for the original video.)

BUT!  For the best surprise EVER – WATCH THIS….


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  1. I watched this last night and I was completely astounded, even a bit emotional. Granted, I’m strung out on Percocet and steroids, but *still*! She’s just amazing.

  2. No! The hair STILL stands up on the back of my neck if I don’t listen for quite awhile and then go back. I’ve read comments from all kinds of people who say they’ve cried!

    Hmmm – Percoset. Just make sure you get up s-l-o-w-l-y.

    I gotta catch up this week-end; you’ve got some dynamite posts at your place. Did ya happen to catch Janeane Garafalo on Countdown last night?

  3. Oh yes, careful with the standing up. I didn’t think I did anything faster than turtle-pace, but the other night I stood up and the whole world disappeared…

    I didn’t catch Janeane Garafalo–think I can find it online somewhere?

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