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Doesn’t Sound Very Effective To Me

Over the weekend some poured over the torture documents released last week and discovered some interesting ‘details’ – ‘facts’ –

On page 37 of the OLC memo, in a passage discussing the differences between SERE techniques and the torture used with detainees, the memo explains:

  • The CIA used the waterboard “at least 83 times during August 2002” in the interrogation of Zubaydah.   IG Report at 90, and 183 times during March 2003 in the interrogation of KSM, see id. at 91

83 or 90 during the month of August 2002 for Mr. Zubaydah; 183 times during another 31-day period for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in March 2003.  So we’re all safer now, aren’t we?  Wouldn’t ya think that once, maybe twice, would do the job fine if “the waterboard” was actually effective?  I mean that’s what I thought when I first read this.  Like emptywheel says:

The CIA wants you to believe waterboarding is effective. Yet somehow, it took them 183 applications of the waterboard in a one month period to get what they claimed was cooperation out of KSM.

That doesn’t sound very effective to me.

No shit.

Petition site to implore AG Eric Holder in the appointment of a special prosecutor to look into the likelihood of prosecution for these fucks who went above and beyond what was allowable.