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Brad & Tucker’s Mother’s Day

This is exactly how it goes – exactly.   Frickin’ hilarious

h/t – Crooks & Liars….


The 20th Hi-Jacker…..Oxy-Rush

Just to help along the exploding heads of the ReThugs…..

Amongst the biggest slams had to be directed at Michael Steele….. and the man STOOD UP!

…. “in the hezzy” =heezy = house for wiggers.  (same dictionary, different page)  Yu’ll know about ‘wiggers’ correct, ‘cuz it’s not nice?   #7 is below –

A derogatory term against black people, but is used to be directed toward white people offensively.  The word wigger comes from the word nigger.  Most people associate the word wigger with white people “acting’-or-‘dressing black”.  Being black is a skin color, not a course of action or choice of clothing.  There is no such thing as dressing “ghetto” you either live in one or you don’t.  So all you racist assholes please find a cliff to jump off of.   Stop abusing this site to put your racist views forward.