Calling Out Notre Dame’s Hypocrisy?

Just like other Catholics who support family planning, birth control, and/or are pro-choice, I’ve watched with amusement as the blathering idiots like Pat Buchanan and Bill Donohue rage about President Obama speaking at Notre Dame’s commencement.

The Rude Pundit is at it as well.

As bullshit protests begin to build over President Barack Obama’s upcoming speech at the graduation ceremonies of the University of Notre Dame, as the froth is whipped into a rich, thick foam by self-aggrandizing pro-life activists and desperate-for-relevance Catholic bishops, perhaps a bit of history of graduation activities at Notre Dame is in order:


You get the idea here? The Catholic Church: stinking with rank hypocrisy since Peter stood on a rock. And Catholics: the group that really puts the sheep in the flock.

“the group that really puts the sheep in the flock.”  Oh my –



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  1. Catholics who cry out loudest about this issue are also those who push policies that cause abortions. They attempt block access to birth control measures like plan B, they get insurance companies to stop covering birth control, they encourage pharmacists not to fill prescriptions for birth control, they condemn the use of condoms, and they lobby to end sex education classes at a time when sexually transmitted diseases can kill.

    The policies of abstinence only education have caused a spike in teen pregnancies. Irresponsible, immature people who can barely care for themselves are now birthing a record number vulnerable children that they are ill-equipped to care for. There will be a huge cost for this, social and financial, that all of us will bear. Half a million American children are already in foster care, and many 18 year olds who can’t support themselves age out of the system and into homelessness every day.

    If we wish to end abortion, we need to look at it root causes and address them. Judgment, blame, shame and fear mongering have not worked and are very unchristian.

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