Fighting With the Fightin’ Irish

Notre Dame fightin'irishIf I have it right, all hell is going to break loose in South Bend, Indiana tommorrow.

Nineteen demonstrators were arrested at Notre Dame University on Saturday as they protested against President Obama’s scheduled commencement speech Sunday, campus police said.

The protesters were not students and they were arrested for trespassing when they stepped on the campus, which is private property, Notre Dame police spokesman Dennis Brown told CNN Radio.

Check some of this shit out.  This is just unreal. 

More than 70 Catholic bishops, including two cardinals, have denounced the invitation, as have hundreds of thousands of Catholics who signed an online petition asking Notre Dame to withdraw it. Dueling Web sites and Facebook groups have sprung up, including one, Notre Dame Response, that urges graduating students to boycott the ceremony.Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon, a former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican who is deeply opposed to abortion, turned down Notre Dame’s most prestigious award, the Laetare Medal, when she learned the university tried to placate critics by reminding them that she was included in the commencement program, too.

Familiar names from culture wars past rushed to the scene in South Bend, Ind.: Anti-abortion stalwart Randall Terry, a newly converted Catholic, temporarily moved his family of six from Washington, D.C., to town in April and vowed to “make this a political mud pit for Obama.” An anti-abortion group called the Center for Bioethical Reform hired planes to fly over Notre Dame, trailing banners with photos of aborted fetuses.

Conservative evangelical Christians, who think Obama has received a pass on the abortion issue, have watched with relish, hoping the conflict damages him politically.

Let’s see that again:

“An anti-abortion group called the Center for Bioethical Reform hired planes to fly over Notre Dame, trailing banners with photos of aborted fetuses.”

Are you fucking kidding me?   Banners with photos of supposedly aborted fetuses.  [I’ve always wondered where these folks gets such pictures.]

Pepperdine University law professor Douglas Kmiec, a Catholic Republican who campaigned for Obama, offered a counter view, noting that Obama won Catholics over in part because he deftly negotiated the issue of abortion. At Obama’s urging, the Democratic platform encouraged the reduction of abortion by providing economic and social assistance to women in need.

“While he didn’t support criminalizing abortion,” Kmiec said, “he did support addressing the topic in a way that Catholics could find reasonably consistent with the desire not to be morally cooperative with this intrinsic evil.”

Kmiec said he doubted the fuss being made over Obama’s visit to South Bend is entirely based on considerations of faith. “There is an uncanny overlap between those who politically oppose the president and those who are now making the claim that it is morally objectionable for a Catholic university to invite the president to speak,” he said.

Nope – this is so about politics….so about control.   Read this comment from someone at Jack & Jill Politics when we were discussing the pedophila scandal in the Catholic church several years ago in Boston, Cleveland, and elsewhere across the United States.

it is called “indoctrination”….I was raised Catholic and we were taught that the Priest was like talking to God. We were usually taught by nuns and when a priest would come into our classroom, the nun would clap her hands twice and we were taught to stand up in unison and treat the priest as though he was a “god.” Geez when I look back at that now it actually makes me understand the jihadists….if you don’t know anything different, duh??????

Valedictorian E. Brenna Bollman is elated that she will be on the same stage as the president.

“I am a strong supporter of President Obama because I think he lives the values of justice and working toward peace,” the 22-year-old senior said last week. “President Obama takes a lot of pro-life positions. I don’t think that he is strongly pro-abortion.”

I hope her day and the day of her fellow graduates go well today.  And good luck in the job market.

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