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The Sleaze Factor

Happened to catch a snippet of The Dick on NPR this afternoon speaking today at AEI.  He was talking about – what else? – 9/11 and his hiding out in the bunker somewhere underneath the  White House apparently.  All in all, he is insistent it was the Secret Service who was adamant about his going “down.”  Yeah – the same Secret Service that let George sit in an elementary school for a good long while, somewhere between 45 – 60+ minutes after hearing of the attacks.  Not to mention the 7+ minutes, the dipshit sat frozen in the classroom.

There in the bunker came the reports and images that so many Americans remember from that day – word of the crash in Pennsylvania, the final phone calls from hijacked planes, the final horror for those who jumped to their death to escape burning alive.  In the years since, I’ve heard occasional speculation that I’m a different man after 9/11. I wouldn’t say that.  But I’ll freely admit that watching a coordinated, devastating attack on our country from an underground bunker at the White House can affect how you view your responsibilities.

Just as he did during his early and mid-adulthood, he watched a tragedy unfold separate from it.  He’s hiding in a bunker – safe – while watching an attack on our country.  “….the final horror for those who jumped to their death to escape burning alive.”   Again, all in all, forgetting whose ‘watch’ this attack occur on.  His & his idiot partner.

I have more to say about this fucking Dick and his cowardice and will tomorrow and over the weekend.  According to Ed Schultz, Cheney used the phrase 9/11, 24 times in speaking before his ilk at the AEI.  In the meantime, here’s Lawrence O’Donnell tellin’ it.