Daly in Pink

John Daly has always been an interesting character to me.  I just want him to sober the fuck up and golf – and I don’t even FOLLOW golf, let alone actually WATCH it.  But, did I happen to mention that John Daly has always been an interesting character to me?

Maybe it’s the pants.   I do like ’em, ‘cuz I’d wear ’em golfing ….. if I golfed.

Sooo – of course, this caught my attention.

Daly in Pink.

Phil Mikelson left the tournament to be with his wife, Amy, following a diagnosis of breast cancer and upcoming “major surgery.”  Thusly,

John Daly wore bright pink trousers during Sunday’s final round of the BMW PGA Championship in a gesture of support for Phil Mickelson’s wife after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Amy Mickelson was diagnosed last week with the disease and received a message of support on Friday from Darren Clarke, who lost his wife to breast cancer in 2006.

“I had a pair, so I figured I’d do that for her today. I thought it would be a good gesture,” Daly said of his trousers. “I know Phil very well and I know Amy. I’ve known them for a long time – we’ve played the Tour together. She’s a great lady. She has always been a sweetheart to everybody.”

My friend, Diane, died in April of 2002; she was 56.  Her husband, Bob, had done the same thing in taking on the role of caregiver although he was a business executive with Lucent.  Like the Mikelsons, Bob &  Diane had been sweethearts from way back.  In fact, the only time Diane & Bob weren’t a couple was the first 16 years of their lives.   They were together 40 years.

All my best to Amy Mickelson.  And Phil, join a men’s support group.  Bob did and he was NOT the support group kind.  However, he swore by it following his first meeting and went religiously.  It helped him cope.


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