I’ve been driving down Ustick Road purposefully to see when Delsa’s is opening.  Last night I drove by and snapped a few photos using my cell phone.  The pics are not the greatest, but they will, however, get the message out.

It’s set to open tomorrow, Wednesday, May 27th at 10:00 am – below is proof.

delsa's to open

Here’s a couple of the front and the outdoor patio.   We are just TOO excited.

delsa's front

The patio – after a certain in the evening the sun won’t be hitting it.  And no, not just after sundown.

delsa's patio

And …. the library just up the street a block or so on Ustick & Cole should be opening fairly soon.  The target date is June 1, 2009, although the inside doesn’t look too ready.

Update:  Here’s the last story in the Idaho Statesman from mid-April on Delsa’s.


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  1. Double double, fries and a Vanilla malt, with some extra malt please

  2. This place, CC, has been around since I was a kid. The parents had it; one of the kids took it over. Three or so years ago, business started falling off and it struggled for some time. Got sold, the new owners just took up where the old left off and suddenly – one day – it closed.

    It’s about a mile away – walking distance, strolling if necessary. But the now new owners have enlisted the ice cream making skills of one of the previous owners and thusly, is now ready to open.

  3. Wow! super! exciting! I hope everything is still pretty much the same!

  4. Drove by this afternoon and there were 15-20 people on the patio. We’re stopping later after one of the kid’s baseball game.

  5. Well….(tapping fingers)…how was the chow? huh, huh, huh 🙂

  6. Yeah, tell us how it was! Especially as I am thinking about taking my buddy there to have a treat.

    He’s at Capitol Care Center down the block…the next time I’m in Boise I think he’d enjoy the short easy trip.

  7. Well, I know CC’s fingers have about fallen off tapping.

    We went for lunch – I had a hamburger with these home cut fries; it was DELISH! Along with a hand-thrown milk shake. My sister had soup & sandwich. She pronounced it yummy enough to keep coming back again & again. More people were eating outside than in.

    We took the kids last night for ice cream. They damn near died on the spot, it was soooo gooooddd….they tend towards the dramatic. The ice cream is ‘handmade’ made from scratch kinda thing.

    Oh yeah, Capital Care is a block away (or a bit more counting the parking lot, etc.). He’ll enjoy it, I’m sure. It’s airy, bright (natural light) inside. The flooring inside and outside is level, no obstructions. It’s all new that way.

    We’ll be back.

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