DOUBLE DOG UPDATE:   Here’s Al Franken with his adorable wife, Franny, talking about what’s ahead for him as the new senator from Minnesota.



Republican Norm Coleman concedes the election

Fucking Finally……


Now – get the FUCK out, Norm!   Ya fucking wanker.

7 months – 7 fucking months – the goddamned GOP thugs have strung this thing out.

ST. PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered that Democrat Al Franken be certified as the winner of the state’s long-running Senate race, paving the way for a resolution in the seven-month fight over the seat.

The high court rejected a legal challenge from Republican Norm Coleman, whose options for regaining the Senate seat are dwindling.

Your options are dwindling, Norm – because you have none.

Who’s left – oh yeah – “that punk Pawlenty” needs to certify the results.  He’s been on The Rachel Maddow show saying he would.   Let’s get it done, Timmy.   (Yet another wanking ReThug.)

Oh! And while we’re at it – can Mark Sanford just RESIGN now.  He’s in no position to be the governor of South Carolina any longer.   He was derelict in his duties when he left the state without assigning duties to the Lt. Gov., and lied on top of it all.   Ya know comparing yourself to King David from ‘The Bible’  – a book filled with myths and other fairy tales – doesn’t cut it, dude.


Britain’s “Bitter Legacy”in Iran

I’m currently reading the book, All the Shah’s Men by Stephen Kinzer.  What seems to be ‘in-your-face’ and oh, so obvious is the role the British has played in Iran.  It has been or had been Britain (most especially) and Russia who were the major players in Iran, more so Britain whose presence in Iran for 100 years or so was the typical colonial response to all their ‘subjects’ so to speak.    The involvement of the United States, at least as I’m reading it, doesn’t  really begin until the Truman administration although there was undoubtedly ‘involvement’ with the Allies during WWII when using oil from Iran, which the British controlled.  But I’m going to digress.

So, I’m watching Fareed Zakaria’s show on Sunday on CNN, ‘Global Public Square’ (GPS) and there he is, Tony Blair, talking about how he doesn’t understand the reasoning behind the events in Iran wherein the laying of blame is placed upon Britain.  A transcript is posted at CNN/GPS’s website illustrates this:

ZAKARIA: The supreme leader singled out Britain for special condemnation, interfering with Iranian affairs. Why do you think that is?

Is the British embassy in Iran — I mean, you were in effect running it for 10 years, running the whole British government — do you fund espionage activities? Do you do things that — why are the Iranians so focused on you guys?

BLAIR: This is nonsense. I mean, they know it’s nonsense. I guess they’ve got to choose somebody to go after, so they choose us.

And, you know, I have been very clear, obviously, in the statements that I’ve made, both as prime minister and afterwards, that nuclear weapons capability of Iran is the red line, and that Iran should stop exporting terrorism, destabilizing people within the region. I mean, I think that’s pretty obvious to say.

And let me make one thing very clear. For us in Britain, we greatly value Iran as a country, its people as a people, its civilization, which is an ancient and proud civilization, as indeed just that.

But the fact is that there are elements within the Iranian system that do cause genuine instability, and worse, around the Middle East. And what we hope very much, whatever happens over these next weeks in Iran, is that over the time to come that we can have a relationship with Iran in which they are trying to be helpful and constructive and conciliatory. Continue reading

Names to the Faces of the Dead & Detained

The Guardian, UK, has a website dedicated to naming those who have been murdered and/or detained.  They’re asking for pictures in helping identify and putting “names to faces” to keep this issue front and center.

Iran election: faces of the dead and detained | World news |

Obligatory Michael Jackson Post

Being more of a Pink Floyd, Led Zepplen fan – not to mention that corny New Age stuff – here’s two  of my favs of Michael Jackson.  I hope the man finds solace and peace.


Conservative Mind, Liberal Penis

Jon Stewart on Mark Sanford:

Just another politician…….”

We Are Being Murdered Like Mice in a Lion’s Den

Update: I should’ve placed a warning with the video; it’s graphic. It made me cry because I just think of my nephews who are this age.tiny-divIt’s hard to read and harder still to watch….

via Twitter / Search – #iranelection.

We are being murdered like mice in a lion’s den!!! BUT WE STILL FIGHT!!! The world just watches. #tehran #iranelection half a minute ago from web

Neda Soltan’s family ‘forced out of home’ by Iranian authorities #Revolution half a minute ago from web

News reports: Slaughter in Iran: shooting, chopping, beating, throwing off bridges. Mass arrests. #Iranelection half a minute ago from web

Few Embassies in Tehran Truly Offering ‘Protection’

Although there was plenty of calling for foreign embassies to open their doors to protesters, those tweets saying such was bullshit – just as I thought.  People were giving me shit at Crooks & Liars and at Huffington Post.  I’ve been to the U.S. Embassy in various countries.  While stationed in Germany, we had regular medical visits from the U.S. ambassador to Hungary (check-ups) with his family and we spent a great deal of time talking about his role and responsibilities.

Embassies in Tehran urged to offer protesters refuge: diplomats – Yahoo! News.

It does not mean none won’t.  The Italians have been instructed to help if called upon.

Per the Italian publication, Repubblica,

18:54 Frattini: “Embassy will assist demonstrators wounded”

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini that, pending coordination with European colleagues,” instructions have been given “to the Embassy of Italy in Teheran to “accommodate and assist the injured demonstrators’” where there is demand and need assistance.