Archbishop admits he’s Gay

Update:  Here’s a bit of background on the “scandal” that enveloped Archbishop Weakland and led to his resignation.   Queerty, a blog I discovered, had this post but it’s the comments that make it exciting.


Well now – this will be quite interesting as Archbishop Weakland was also accused of sexual impropriety.


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  1. OMG! The reich-wing is gonna latch onto this one!

  2. Sorry about the link, Kvatch. I didn’t realize it was messed up. Fortunately – it’s not about pedophilia. It’s solely about his gender identity of being gay. We also know it’s more important to the ‘Church’ to keep homosexuality out while covering keeping in and covering up pedophilia.

    As for Weakland, he was – well still is I would presume – very liberal as far as ‘church policy.’

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