It’s Getting Freaky in Iran Now….

Been following on Twitter and watching some of Al-Jazeera’s (English) coverage online.  It’s getting pretty freaky in Iran.

This is an absolutely thrilling pic…… check ALL THOSE PEOPLE!

Amazingly – this source has amazing photos of what’s been going on.  Al-Jazeera has this Twitter feed; it covers all their news tweets, not specifically Iran at this point.

However – if you want a TERRIFIC news source for what goes in the World  – either Al-Jazeera or the BBC.   I watch both.   Got hooked on the BBC when stationed in Germany in the mid 70s.  And if you want to now WHY our U.S. Media SUCKS – watch either channel, but specifically watch Al-Jazeera.

flags of iran

And for a change in the pace, Remember there’s always FLYP media.  It’s wonder-filled.


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  1. Word, thanks for the turn-on to Al-J streaming TV. Very, very kewl

  2. You’re very welcome.

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