This Gov’t Won’t Allow Us To Say What We Want

From the BBC…..

…… VIDEO ……..   Twit pic …… updates on what’s going on with the election ….

And according to this Tweet:

stephenesherman RT @mousavi1388 Khatami has just called for the election to be declared VOID at todays protests in Tehran. #IranElection If true … WOW! less than 10 seconds ago from web

and another:

fulltilt727 RT @BanTshirts Ayatollah Ali Khamenei orders inquiry into vote-rigging claims in Iranian poll #IranElection

Below is the video from the cell phone of Corriere della Sera TV ‘correspondent’ of police in Iran attacking the crowd on motorbikes.  Some poor cop got busted and ‘several Mousavi supporters’ put him up on a stone stoop for protection.

Police in Iran charged at protesters using their motorbikes, in a bid to break up a street rally.

One policeman crashed his bike during the charge and was helped to safety by protesters.

An Italian journalist caught the incident on his mobile phone.

Video courtesy of Corriere della Sera TV

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