Updating on Events in Iran


Over 1 Million Reported In The Streets, Mousavi Appears

So reads the current headline at Huffington Post.   I’m trying to follow Twitter feeds, Nico Pitney at Huffington Post who is still live blogging (Go! Nico!),  Al-Jazeera, and the BBC.   I suggest bookmarking every damn one of them.  As for Al-Jazeera; it is an absolutely fantastic news source.  I cannot believe it’s barred/banned from being aired publicly in the U.S.

Found this for a bit of reading.

MSNBC has a slide show up from the 1979 overthrow of the Shah – the same Shah the U.S.  (CIA) and British helped put into power – a demon of a dictator.

Iran Election page at MSNBC.

Keeping up with Juan Cole.

And this wonderful picture I stumbled upon in Flickr.  Go to the page to inspect the intricacy of the design and be prepared to be dazzled.  I love the colors!


Got my Buddhist prayer flags up and flying for the world today – specifically the Iranian people who appear to want more than just having their votes counted.