I Wonder If God is Shaken

From Nico’s live blogging at Huffington Post comes this very touching video.


Tomorrow is Saturday.

Tomorrow is a day of destiny.

Tonight, the cries of Allah-o Akbar are heard louder and louder than the nights before.

Where is this place?

Where is this place where every door is closed?   Where is this place where people are simply calling God?   Where is this place where the sound of Allah-o Akbar gets louder and louder?

I wait every night to see if the sounds will get louder and whether the number increases.  It shakes me.  I wonder if God is shaken.

Where is this place where so many innocent people are entrapped? Where is this place where no one comes to our aid?   Where is this place that only with our silence we are sending our voices to the world?   Where is this place that the young shed blood and then people go and pray — standing on that same blood and pray.  Where is this place where the citizens are called vagrants?

Where is this place?

You want me to tell you?

This place is Iran.    The homeland of you and me.

This place is Iran.


Time For a Change

Twitter Postings Going On

One night recently wb.iran.g at Jack & Jill Politics, someone made the comment:

I will never talk smack about Twitter again.”

Last night while out at my favorite ice creamery (Fanci Freeze), I was talking to one of the kids we see regularly about Iran.   She’s 21 or 22, and SHE was saying she always thought Twitter “kinda juvenile.”  Precisely!

However, it has been interesting reading the Twitter feed at ‘iranelection’ over the past week, to the point of being worrisome – just saw this

“Khamenei has ordered IRG 1 week to silence people Demos. It’ll be a joint effort w. Interior & Intelligence staff.”

One week – a lot of people could die in one week. Jesus!  It’s getting heated.