Few Embassies in Tehran Truly Offering ‘Protection’

Although there was plenty of calling for foreign embassies to open their doors to protesters, those tweets saying such was bullshit – just as I thought.  People were giving me shit at Crooks & Liars and at Huffington Post.  I’ve been to the U.S. Embassy in various countries.  While stationed in Germany, we had regular medical visits from the U.S. ambassador to Hungary (check-ups) with his family and we spent a great deal of time talking about his role and responsibilities.

Embassies in Tehran urged to offer protesters refuge: diplomats – Yahoo! News.

It does not mean none won’t.  The Italians have been instructed to help if called upon.

Per the Italian publication, Repubblica,

18:54 Frattini: “Embassy will assist demonstrators wounded”

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini that, pending coordination with European colleagues,” instructions have been given “to the Embassy of Italy in Teheran to “accommodate and assist the injured demonstrators’” where there is demand and need assistance.

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