Wanking Wanker of the Galaxy

IMG_0387.JPGVia Booman Tribune calling out Jake Tapper at ABC News.

Apparently Tapper is having a hard time allowing President Obama the time spent going out with his daughters yesterday afternoon for custard and ice cream, all while shit’s happening in Iran.  It was important enough to Tapper to tweet about it.

Q: Any ppl who voted for POTUS unhappy w/image of him getting frozen custard as today’s events unfolded in Iran? Or bogus right wing meme?

Just happened to get taken to Jake’s Twitter and saw this:

@thejoshuablog not sure.. didnt see it, was doing Father’s Day stuff. will check it out.  9 minutes ago from web

……..  soooo, I left him a tweet of my own.

Because apparently, it is okay for Tapper to do “Father’s Day stuff” but Obama cannot take his daughters out for ice cream?

I left him this ‘tweet’ – the stupid mofo.  Sometimes the level of determined asinineness  is just unbearable.

lunaticfringer@jaketapper ohhhhh! So YOU’RE doing Dad’s Day stuff – but Obama can’t w/ his daughters 4 ice cream? U R one bigass Wanker. 4 minutes ago from web in reply to jaketapper

And here, Jakie – here’s some questions for ya?

  • What the fuck were you doing while our soldiers died this week in Afghanistan and Iraq?
  • What were you doing yesterday when that 16 year-old was shot in the heart in Tehran?
  • What the FUCK were you doing while the goddamned Bush administration was dragging down this country?
  • Where were you every fucking time Bush went on vacation?
  • What the fuck were you doing while Bush sat his ASS in an elementary school classroom while this country was attacked, and then flew all over the country so ‘they’ couldn’t catch his ass?

What were YOU doing, Tapper?

Ya make me sick.

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