My Thoughts & Other Interesting ‘Takes’ on Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Written on the 14th: Just been listening and watching the second day of Judge Sonia Sotomayor hearing on C-SPAN.   Tiny disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever wanted to be an attorney.

1.  Read an update from McClachy where I read a couple of comments that I thoroughly understand and agree in relation to Judge Sotomayor.  One involves the so-called ‘wise Latina’ quote.  Basically, my thought was if you ‘get it’ – you never will.  Here

MaddiBee wrote on July 14, 8:35 PM: Everyone I know “gets” Sotomayor’s comment re: wise Latina women. Too bad the uneducated Republican Senators cannot.  It’s such a game. What makes these guys think the people don’t realize the game is on — again — over and over and over.  I am so happy they are no longer in power.  And I really doubt that they will be able to reform the Republican Party because they just don’t seem capable of facing up to their past sins and quirks and inabilithy [sic] to listen to ALL of the people, not just that 23% base….

CodyGirl wrote on July 14, 5:25 PM:  Lindsay Graham attempted to use the “if I made that statement…” argument regarding Sotomayor’s “wise Latina” speech. The reality is that this argument doesn’t fly.  If a member of the dominant white male majority judge made a statement about how his maleness & whiteness give him life experiences that make him a wiser judge than a Latina, his audience (especially if they were predominantly white and male) would be stunned at his need to explicitly state what most of them believe implicitly, but never articulate.  When Sotomayor affirmed the value of the Latina experience in producing wisdom that Latinos can contribute to the predominantly white male judiciary to an audience Latino students, she makes the statements to support, encourage and inspire these minority students to have the courage & tenacity to enter a profession where white male “wisdom” dominates.  The Republicans may raise fears about a minority SC justice, but they can’t discredit this wise Latina who outsmarts them all.

As written in the comment, “his audience (especially if they were predominantly white and male) would be stunned at his need to explicitly state what most of them believe implicitly, but never articulate.

Exactly, it is what is implicitly believed regarding those of the white race, and more so specifically if those white folks are male.

2.  Jeff Sessions:  Watching Sessions bombast Judge Sotomayor, I can see why he wasn’t confirmed for the judgeship he was nominated.  He barely seems able to hold that simmering racism of his in check. The best part, however, one I actually got to see live this afternoon, was Sessions “calling out” Judge Miriam [Goldman] Cedarbaum as if to smack down that uppity wise-ass Latina for being such a total fuck up.   Sotomayor grinned and said her “friend, and we are friends” then pointed out Judge Cedarbaum who was sitting in the row behind her “and is here today”  – ohmigawd! A real laugh out loud moment.  ….  good move, Jeff.  Please read over those reasons you failed to get that federal judgeship under the Republicans under a Republican administration, and you’ll understand why you might be voted The Royal Fuck-up.

Cedarbaum and Sessions were both nominated in 1986; Cedarbaum was confirmed.  The Wall Street Journal caught up with  Cedarbaum this afternoon.


Frank Rich’s column even looks at the racism prominently front-and-center in the Sotomayor hearing.

Yet the Sotomayor show was still rich in historical significance. Someday we may regard it as we do those final, frozen tableaus of Pompeii.  It offered a vivid snapshot of what Washington looked like when clueless ancien-régime conservatives were feebly clinging to their last levers of power, blissfully oblivious to the new America that was crashing down on their heads and reducing their antics to a sideshow as ridiculous as it was obsolescent.

The hearings were pure “Alice in Wonderland.”  Reality was turned upside down.  Southern senators who relate every question to race, ethnicity and gender just assumed that their unreconstructed obsessions are America’s and that the country would find them riveting. Instead the country yawned.  The Sotomayor questioners also assumed a Hispanic woman, simply for being a Hispanic woman, could be portrayed as The Other and patronized like a greenhorn unfamiliar with How We Do Things Around Here.  The senators seemed to have no idea they were describing themselves when they tried to caricature Sotomayor as an overemotional, biased ideologue.

Mmmm….  and leave it to Tara to tie it to our own homegrown bigots.

The Mini-Cassia/Magic Valley area has for some time been a haven of hatred aimed at the growing Hispanic community. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Sotomayor for an alleged association with the National Council of La Raza. Hispanic nominee to the United States Supreme Court would fuel a fire that has been raging for far too long.  However, even I, someone with a broad understanding of how deeply rooted the anti-Hispanic sentiment is in that community, was completely blown away by one Rick Martin (not to be confused with a Grammy winning Latin music powerhouse) letter disqualifying Judge Sotomayer.

The National Council of La Raza has a ‘point-by-point’ analysis of the bullshit directed at ‘The Race.’ As they say, they’ve published it “because we trust readers to come to their own conclusions about the merits, or lack thereof, of our critics’ charges.”

We’ll just see about that.


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  1. “Tiny disclaimer: I am not nor have I ever wanted to be an attorney.”

    Hmmm… how come that statement sounded to me more like a boast than a disclaimer?

  2. Hmmm… how come that statement sounded to me more like a boast than a disclaimer?

    Really? You thought that sounded like a BOAST! BAWHAA Can’t get past you?

    I’m trying to get my hours changed so I can spend more time on the computer! 😉

    (Plus my laptop is kaput, and my old desktop is slower….)

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