Minnick & Simpson to Oppose Health Care Bill

At firedoglake, nyceve relates an encounter she had with a young woman at a business she has frequented for years, and that I’ve heard all too often.   In fact, it’s a decision my own daughter and her small family have had to make.   Nyceve’s post opens up discussion with author,  John Geyman, M.D., and discussion of his book. john-geyman-do-not-resuscitate.thumbnail.jpg

Do Not Resuscitate: Why the Health Insurance Industry is Dying, and How We Must Replace It

This time, I asked her whether she thought President Obama would deliver meaningful healthcare reform? She replied, without missing a beat, “he damn well better!”

“You insured?” I asked.

“I could be.” She said.

“Do they offer it here?” As you might imagine,  I pressed for details.

“Of course they do, but I can’t afford it. I have to choose, insurance or the rent.”

In the meantime – Mike, Walt – give up your taxpayer-paid health care until those who cannot afford it have theirs, and those going bankrupt paying medical bills are free of that burden.

BOISE — Idaho’s two U.S. House members are joining the opposition forming against legislation designed to reform the nation’s health care system.

And, being a Blue Dog Democrat doesn’t mean shit in my book.  Katrina Vanden Huevel describes ‘Blue Dog Democrats’ as “corporate democrats.”

Anything to keep the status quo just that.


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  1. Wordsmith, I absolutely agree with you about Blue Dog Democrats. Why the hell are they even Democrats?! Maybe Minnick or Simpson could loan me their congressional health insurance–I sure would take it for a spin! This kind of thing from Minnick pisses me off to no end. No on the stimulus that would create Idaho jobs and no on health care that would save Idaho lives. It’s ridiculous!

  2. This kind of thing from Minnick pisses me off to no end. No on the stimulus that would create Idaho jobs and no on health care that would save Idaho lives. It’s ridiculous!

    Is it about the “job?” He’s going to be out of a job – we might as well as have some dumb-ass ReThug in there not caring about people as opposed to a man who calls himself a Democrat and yet spends his time in direct juxtaposition to the President and those who elected him.

    They’re fucking insured. They don’t have to worry about a 5% wage reduction we had to take at the hospital OR undergo any of the restrictions placed on MY health coverage – AND I’VE NEVER BEEN SICK!

    Pisses me off no end……. I”m there, too.

  3. They haven’t a clue about normal folks. They live in a protected world, from election to death with all the bucks they can con in the interim. I’m still paying off (by credit card) a hospital bill I incurred 7 years ago – it was either that or let the hospital lien my ONLY house. Sheesh. Can these cons. I’m tired to death of these family value frauds.

  4. As I said somewhere today (it’s been one of those kind of days), I’m insured, but I’d sure like my savings back that was completely depleted over the past year while I paid out of pocket for things like prescription drugs and the portions of surgical bills that my insurance wouldn’t cover.

  5. So, you want us to embrace socialism to pay for your prescriptions? How nice of you to spend my money.

  6. viper9,

    I’ll venture you don’t know what socialism encompasses. And spend your money? I don’t think so. I’ve been working since the age of 12, having social security, etc., taken from my paychecks since the age of 16. As for my prescription – the one I have – I pay for it, mofo. I HAVE insurance and a medical expense account I pay into. Unlike many others who don’t or can’t afford it even when their employer offers it.

    You – asshole – better not receive a dime from the federal gov’t because that would buy into your meme about socialism, wouldn’t it? Especially social security or medicare/medicaid, Tricare, etc.,

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